The Biden advice Afghanistan's Ghani reportedly didn't take

Ashraf Ghani, Joe Biden. Pete Marovich - Pool/Getty Images
The New York Times reports that although President Biden and Ashraf Ghani had a positive meeting at the White House about the United States' withdrawal form Afghanistan earlier in the year, tensions were higher behind closed doors.

According to the Times, Biden described Ghani as "stubborn" and arrogant when he fled Afghanistan for the United Arab Emirates before the Taliban took over the capital. He did accept Ghani’s request to provide air support to Afghan forces and keep the U.S.'s exit “low key” so that it wouldn't look like Washington doesn't have faith in Ghani. (An official who was familiar with the conversation said that Ghani requested that the U.S. grant exit visas to Afghan interpreters and other Afghans who had aided the U.S. army.

Biden requested that Ghani not allow Afghan forces to fight the Taliban anywhere, but Ghani apparently did not comply. Biden repeated American officials' advice that Ghani consolidate Afghan forces in key locations to resist the insurgency longer. The New York Times reports that he "never accepted it." The New York Times has more information.

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