A California airport was partially locked down after a man took a joyride in an airfield and then hid in a ceiling, police said

The airport is in southern California. Jae C. Hong/AP
California police stated that John Wayne Airport was placed in partial lockdown following a breach of security.

Twitter confirmed that temporary disruption was caused by a security incident.

A NBC4 reporter was on the scene and reported that officials tried to negotiate with a man hidden in a ceiling.

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Officials confirmed Friday night that there was a security incident at California's John Wayne Airport. They said that a man was discovered in the ceiling.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Dept, a male employee at an airport found him after he took control of a car.

The emergency response was activated, and terminal C was locked down. According to a Twitter statement, "The man was located later in the ceiling on non-secure terminal C."

Robert Kovacik was a NBC4 reporter who was at the airport when the incident occurred. He claimed that a man was hiding in the ceiling and officials were trying to negotiate.

Kovacik posted a video that showed the man being taken into police custody after he fell from the ceiling.

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Insider tried to reach airport officials to confirm the incident, but they didn't immediately respond.

Although terminal C was not mentioned in the police statement, NBC4 reported that both terminals A-B were evacuated. It stated that the main terminal was not affected.

-John Wayne Airport (@JohnWayneAir), August 21, 2021

The airport's account on Twitter confirmed that there was a security incident at 7:15 p.m. ET and promised more information. The account tweeted around 8:45 p.m. that the airport was reopened.

According to an airport spokesperson, the evacuation was necessary as a precautionary measure.

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