15 Best Weekend Deals on iPads, Fitness Trackers, and More

It's almost August. If you are like me, you might be wondering where summer went. Although it's still hot and you might be able to squeeze in another visit to the nearby water, it feels like fall is approaching fast. If you're heading off to college, or back to school this fall is here. We have some great deals for you to make the transition easier. There's something for everyone, from tablets and laptops to instant pots and beeswax wraps to ease the transition.
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Tablet, Phone and Tablet Deals

MacBook Air with M1 Photo: Apple

There are great deals on laptops for back-to-school, whether you are going to school or not.

Although this MacBook deal has been around for some time, we are including it again this week. AirPods are available for free! You only need a.edu email account. The M1 Air (9/10 WIRED Recommends), is ideal for school: It's lightweight, has all-day battery and is powerful enough to handle most people.

Do you prefer macOS to Windows? Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 (7/10, WIRED Recommendeds), which is one of our top-rated Windows laptops, can also be purchased. This laptop is lightweight and portable, with a long battery life. It's great for college. This deal applies to the 10th-generation Intel Core i5 models with 8 gigabytes RAM and a 128GB SSD. If you require more storage, there are many other models available.

Although it's not a big discount, this deal will help you save a few dollars on the iPad Pro 8/10 (Wired Recommends). Apple's new 12.9-inch display technology is available on the model for $999 ($100). The new iPad Air is available at a $500 discount ($100). For more Apple discounts, check here.

Although this isn't a big discount, Apple Pencil doesn’t often go on sale. This pencil is great for those who like to draw or write on their iPads. This Pencil is second-generation and only works with the latest iPad Pro models. Before you buy, make sure it is supported.

This laptop is well-equipped and a great deal. Although it won't be as durable as more expensive laptops (in other words, the machine is plastic), the Ryzen7 processor, 256 gigs storage and the Brightview 1920 x 1080 screen will make it a powerful machine that doesn't cost too much.

Android tablets aren't our favorite. Android isn't optimized to be used on tablets. However, the Lenovo P11 Pro is a great deal, especially for this price. The main problem is the lack of a headphone jack. However, this is not a problem if you have wireless headphones. Although this deal is available on eBay, it's brand new and sold directly by Lenovo.

We love the Galaxy S21 Android phone. The Galaxy S21 has an excellent camera system, a long battery life, lots of power, and a 120-Hz AMOLED display. The phone comes with four years of security and software updates. This is far more than any other Android phone. This is the lowest price we have seen.

Get Fitness Deals

Apple Watch Series 6 Photograph by Apple

For more information, see our Best Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers guides.

The Apple Watch Series 6 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) added a blood-oxygen-measuring tool and slightly increased the display size. It is still the best Apple Watch fitness tracker and the best Apple Watch.

Although the price fluctuates, this watch is still one of our lowest prices since June. The Instinct is a great watch for its battery life, its variety in sports tracking and navigation features. You can also read our review of the solar-charged version. It is very similar. This is a cheaper version of the Garmin Fenix, but it does almost as well. It is also attractive, but in a very ugly way, according to WIRED's senior editor Adrienne So.

It's a great tracker for runners and triathletes and is very affordable. You can use it for running, climbing, paddling and biking. For more options, see our Best Fitness Trackers guide.

Home Deals

Amazon: Nixplay Digital Frame Photograph

These deals will help you upgrade your home by reducing the hassle and improving the quality of your life.

Digital frames can be expensive so it is nice to get a discount. We prefer the Nixplay frame with 10.1 inch resolution to the 9.7 inch. Although the resolution is lower, you would not know it if you compared them side-by side. Nixplay has just released a touchscreen model, but we haven’t tried it yet. The non-touch frame is still a good option.

This router is one of our favorites. This router is future-proof and supports Wi-Fi 6. It will cover most houses and apartments. You might be better off using a mesh system if you have large spaces, but this one is sufficient for most people. For more information, see our complete guide to buying routers.

Although this percussive device can be found at a discount, it is still able to compete against the larger guns that can sometimes run into hundreds of dollars. This device combines heat and pressure to ease sore muscles. Although it isn't as powerful, that could be a good thing.

This new Instant Pot has an air fryer which is likely unnecessary. This is a great option if you need a single device that does it all. The 3-quart Instant Pot is available for $61.

This plastic wrap alternative is a favorite of ours. It is made from sustainably sourced beeswax and jojoba oils, as well as tree resin. It is easy to clean (use cold water), and lasts longer that other brands we have tested.

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