Expedia travel searches for Germany leap 10-fold after 'travel lane' announced in Singapore

On March 15, 2021, a Singapore Airlines plane was parked alongside Scoots passenger aircrafts at Changi International Airport in Singapore.
After the announcement of a "vaccinated travel corridor" between Singapore and Germany, interest in traveling between these two countries soared. This means that travelers who have been inoculated can bypass quarantine.

Expedia, a popular online travel site, reported that searches for travel from Singapore and Germany have increased nearly 10 times compared to the average of the past seven days. This was as compared with Friday afternoon.

According to the website, there was also a lot of interest in travel from Germany and Singapore. Expedia's APAC head of communications Lavinia Rajaram stated that while Singapore wasn't a top 10 destination for German tourists, it was fascinating to see the interest in Singapore travel from Frankfurt and Munich rise by 70% over the past 24 hours.

Rajaram said, "With the launch the vaccinated travel lanes scheme, this will surely bode bien with those who have been vaccinated and want to travel and provide a much-needed boost to the tourism industry."

The city-state announced Thursday that Singapore has opened a vaccinated travel route with Germany. This initiative was also extended to Brunei.

The application process for quarantine-free travel from Germany or Brunei to Singapore will open in September. However, there are some conditions. Four Covid tests will be required for all persons traveling to Singapore from Germany or Brunei. One on departure and one upon arrival. The other one is on the day of departure.

You can also travel to Singapore from Germany and Brunei under other conditions:

Flying non-stop on designated flights to the vaccinated travel lanes (VTL);

You must remain in Germany or Brunei 21 consecutive days prior to your flight.

Downloading an app for contact tracing in Singapore

Rajaram, Expedia's director of pricing, stated that the airlines participating in the scheme had announced "competitive pricing".

Rajaram stated that it was too soon to say if the prices will rise in the coming days, but that we can expect the demand to grow closer towards the holiday season.