CM Punk makes pro-wrestling return, signs with All Elite Wrestling

After seven years, CMPunk returns to professional wrestling. He receives huge cheers at AEW Rampage in Chicago. (1:41).
CM Punk is back in pro wrestling. WWE is not the same.

Punk, who has been away from the ring for seven years, returned to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Friday night and appeared on "Rampage", a television program in his hometown of Chicago. Punk, who has been a star in pro wrestling since the 2010s, was signed by AEW via social media.

Punk stated that pro-wrestling can sometimes be "out of love" after an event. It's true love when you give something away and it returns to you.

The promotion announced that Punk will face Darby Allin at AEW "All Out" on Sept. 5, in Chicago.

Although AEW did not announce that Punk (real name Phil Brooks) would be appearing on the show, they teased it several times. AEW, a new promotion that was launched in 2019, sold out United Center to record its largest ever live attendance.

The show aired on TNT. Punk's famous entrance music, "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour hit the speakers. The crowd, already singing for him, rose to their feet. The following was one of the most intense and loudest reactions in pro-wrestling history. Punk walked down the aisle, hugged fans, and even dived into crowd at one point.

Punk entered the ring and addressed the crowd for several minutes before setting up Allin's match. Punk described it as a "joyful occasion."

Punk, 42 years old, stated that he had been in touch with Tony Khan, the founder of AEW, for a year. Khan is the son of Shad, Jacksonville Jaguars owner. If not for the pandemic, he stated that he would have returned sooner. Punk didn't go into detail about his contract but stated that it was for the long-term and that he wouldn't be performing part-time.

Punk stated, "I knew that I couldn't make my debut if there weren't people in the building." "Timing is everything," I always say. It was possible because of many happy accidents.

Punk is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and a former WWE Champion. After a dispute with WWE, Punk was released in 2014. He was sued by Christopher Amann (the doctor at WWE) for defamation. Punk won the lawsuit. WWE fans would chant "CM Punk!" at events for years. If they didn't like the product being promoted, they would chant "CM Punk!"

Punk quit pro wrestling to pursue a career in MMA. He trained at Roufusport, Milwaukee, with Anthony Pettis, and Paul Felder, former UFC lightweight champions. Punk was signed by the UFC in late 2014. However, he did not make his debut until 2016, when he lost to Mickey Gall in the first round at UFC 203.

Punk lost his second fight to Michael Jackson by unanimous decision at UFC 225, June 2018. Jackson was later found to have taken marijuana. The bout was rescheduled as a no contest.

Punk's popularity helped to move the needle on ticket sales and pay-per view for the UFC despite not being a big success in the Octagon. Punk is still on the UFC roster. However, he hasn't fought in three year. USADA, UFC's anti doping partner, tested him twice. He also tested him in the fourth quarter 2020. Punk is also a color commentator for Cage Fury FC's UFC Fight Pass. He said that he would continue in this role.

UFC president Dana White was questioned earlier this month by UFC 265 prefight media conference about rumors that Punk would be returning to pro wrestling. White stated that if true, the UFC would not have any problem with it.

White stated, "Obviously, if [he] is going to return to wrestling, that's more than enough for him to do so,"

AEW was founded in 2019 and quickly gained popularity as a rival to WWE.

It was more about the spirit of what it was. Punk described AEW as "a home" rather than a house. It's the best description I could give it.