Several members of Afghanistan's female robotics team have been safely rescued from the country

A group of female robots experts from Afghanistan were evacuated safely to Qatar.
A member of the board for the parent organization of the team said that they are raising money to help the girls continue their education.

Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown stated, "If they ever talk to you, they have this infectious amount hope."

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Multiple reports claim that several members of an Afghan female robotics team were evacuated safely to Qatar after multiple flights from the Taliban-controlled country were cancelled.

Friday's confirmation by Qatar's Ministry of Foreign Affairs was that some of the team arrived safely in Doha from Kabul, Afghanistan where many Afghans fled after the collapse of the US-backed Afghan government.

After a long struggle by the members of the team to get into the US, the team, which includes a group consisting of 13-18-year-old girls, first came to the attention in 2017.

The Digital Citizen Fund, the parent organization of the team, thanked the Qatar government for expediting the visa process and sending a plane to Kabul after several cancelled flights from Afghanistan.

Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown is a member of the board of the Digital Citizen Fund. She told NBC News that the group had been working since the beginning this month to ensure the safe evacuation for the girls to Qatar after it became apparent that the Taliban would be in control.

Schaeffer Brown said that the girls were ultimately'rescued' by themselves. They would still be trapped if it weren't for their determination and perseverance to get an education that brought them into contact with the rest of the world.

Although it is unclear where high school girls will be living after their evacuation, Schaeffer Brown stated to The Washington Post that raising scholarship money is the priority.

She stated that they would continue building the country's future; they are the future. It's all about the Future.

According to The Post, all of the current members were born after 2001's Taliban loss of control over Afghanistan. They never lived according to the Taliban-imposed Sharia law which prohibited the education of young girls and shut down women's rights and progress.

They are full of hope, and you can talk to them if you want. Schaeffer Brown stated that they don't talk about war or the Taliban, but they talk about their dreams and what they want to do.