Boba Fett's Slave 1 Hasn't Been Renamed Firespray Yet

It's amazing that a Lego set can cause so much back and forth. It is probably the Star Wars world we are referring to.

A few months back, Star Wars fans were upset that a Lego set featuring Boba Fett's ship was called Boba Fetts Starship. This was due to commentary from Lego designers who claimed that Slave 1 was not to be mentioned in merchandise.

This was the most visible step in a process that, until that point, had largely gone unnoticed and, even then, seemed scattered at best. Although Slave 1 was not completely removed from the Star Wars record, it continued to appear in Star Wars novels, merchandise, trading cards, as well as in the databanks on the official Star Wars site. These mentions co-existed with a growing number that simply described Boba's starship as "just that". The purported policy was not discussed by Lucasfilm, and the debate drifted away until this week's Marvel Star Wars comic covers.

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The covers of Paolo Villanellis six b orny hunder s hip variant b lueprint variant covers depict an iconic bounty and their spacecraft. Bossk receives the Hounds Tooth and IG-88, respectively, as well as the IG-2000. However, while each of the identified covers refers to the b ornty hunders ships by their given names, Villanellis variants for Boba Fett are simply referred as with their ship classes. This has led to renewed debate about the decision to rename Slave 1.

Except... Well, no. But there's more to it than just yes. Bounty hunting is a complex profession. Names for ounty hunters ships are even more complicated. Marvels solicits mentions Firespray, which is not a new name. It refers to the class of ship that the vessel belongs to: a Firespray 31-class patrol or attack craft. This is the name the design has been given for many years in Star Wars expanded universe continuity as well as Disneys official canon. It was first named in Ultimate Star Wars 2015 reference book. Like Slave 1, the Firespray-class has been mentioned in merchandise, reference books and other official materials.

This might explain why it is referred to as such in Marvels solicitations, but Lucasfilm remains silent on whether or not it is the new official title for Slave 1. As with previous requests for comments on Lego's alleg ed mandate claims, io9 has not responded to a request for comment about Villanellis covers. We will update this post when we hear from the studio. For now, Boba Fett's ship likely doesnt have a new title anywhere in the galaxy far far away.


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