OnlyFans details the ban on “sexually explicit content”

OnlyFans, a video and image sharing website, announced Thursday that it will ban all sexually explicit content beginning October 1. Although we aren't sure why it has changed so dramatically, the creators of the site were sent an updated Terms and Service policy. It outlines exactly what will not be allowed moving forward.
The new OnlyFans Acceptable Use Policy is clearly visible when compared to the previous one.

You must not upload, display, publish, or post Content to OnlyFans.

Describes, promotes, or advertises sexually explicit behavior.

Actual or simulated sexual intercourse between any two persons, including oral-genital and anal-genital intercourses, as well as genital-genital and oral-genital intercourses.

Actual or simulated masturbation

Any display of the anus and genitals of another person that is extreme or offensive

Actual or simulated material showing bodily fluids often secreted during sexual activity;

All Content that promotes, advertises, or refers sexually explicit behavior (as defined in section 5(b), Policy) must be deleted by December 1, 2021 or any other date we notify Users.

The policy's other sections that prohibit deepfakes, drug use, and violence are unchanged. The site sent an email to OnlyFans creators stating that content containing nudity would be permitted as long as it was consistent with the policy. Your account may be suspended or terminated for any breach, as well as access to earnings.

OnlyFans' billion-dollar brand and business has been built largely on the fact that onlyFans hires sex workers to provide the content that is being banned. These content creators now have until December 1st, to delete all traces of suddenly unacceptable content from their profiles.