CDC recommends travelers with high risk of Covid complications avoid cruises

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship can be seen in New York City on the Hudson River on August 18, 2021, as the first cruise ship in the region is returning to New York Harbor.
Friday's announcement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that anyone who is at risk for severe complications from Covid-19 should not take cruises, regardless if they have been vaccinated.

In the updated guidance, it was also suggested that anyone who is not fully vaccinated should avoid going on cruises.

According to the CDC, several coronavirus epidemics have been reported on cruise ships.

The agency suggested that cruise passengers cover their faces in public spaces, even though it isn't imposing the same masking requirements as for trains, planes and other public transport.

The CDC updated its guidance to say that Covid-19 is easily spread between people living in close proximity aboard ships. There are high chances of contracting it on cruise ships.

All travelers should be tested at least three days prior to taking a cruise, and again three to five days after they return home. Even if they are negative for the virus, those who cruise should quarantine for seven consecutive days.

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