US Space Force: Successfully Assembled. Next up: Making Itself Useful.

The initial 18-month period given by Congress to the military branch was for it to become operational.
Now what?

The US Congress approved, in December 2019, the creation of a new military branch called the United States Space Force (or USSF) at the request of Trump.

The new agency was given 18 months by lawmakers to make its transition into a true military service. Air Force Times reports that it met that deadline in July and is now working on the next challenge: Figuring what exactly it should do now that it's here.

Get Busy

However, this does not mean that the whole agency has been ignoring its missions. Although the Space Force launched a few missions including a missile detection satellite in its first mission, most of its time was spent justifying its existence and handling bizarre statements by its leaders.

According to Air Force Times, Vice Chief Space Operations General David Thompson, the Space Force will largely find its purpose in absorbing personnel and responsibilities from other military branches. It seems that the Space Force is more interested in sharing the burden and keeping itself busy, as there are no active warzones in orbit.



We are in the final stages in coordinating an agreement among the Army, Navy, and Space Force to transfer 300 people from those units into the Space Force. These transfers will take place next year, Thompson said to Air Force Times.

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