A company turns washed-up plastic bottles into boardshorts, and they're really comfy

GiLo is a clothing brand that takes plastic bottles from the beaches and transforms them into boardshorts for men.
Each pair of shorts is made by the South African brand from approximately 20 plastic bottles

Bottles are the largest landfills of plastic waste in the world.

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GiLo Lifestyle, a Cape Town-based clothing brand, is determined to create ethical and sustainable fashion.

They are even recycling plastic bottles that they find on beaches all over the world to make shorts for men.

This could help reduce single-use plastic. One pair of shorts can be made from 20 plastic bottles.

The shorts are water-repellent, quick drying, seamless on the inner leg, and comfortable for long walks on the beach.

It's amazing that even though you don't know they are made of plastic, they are surprisingly soft and stretchy.

Two South African women, Gina Tarboton (from South Africa) and Loren Dyer (from South Africa), founded the company. They are both passionate about fashion and the environment.

These shorts are made in the USA. Jay Caboz / Business Insider South Africa

GiLo Lifestyle was founded by the duo in 2015

Tarboton stated, "We have always been interested in finding ways to help the planet, animals and our oceans." "We have been searching for fabrics like these for between eight and ten years.

Tarboton continued, "Eventually I came across the boardshorts factory at a large trade show in China." I asked them about fabrics made of plastic, specifically plastic from the seas. It's extremely concerning what's happening with our ocean life and how much litter is washed up on our beaches. They replied that they had just found factories producing this type of fabric.

Since November 2018, the company has been selling its ranges of plastic-converted clothing.

Here's how you make them.

These bottles were sourced mostly from India, Pakistan and China.

These are the largest disposal sites for plastic waste in the world.

Step 1: Remove all caps and labels from plastic bottles. Then, clean the bottles thoroughly to get rid of any contaminants or residue.

These bottles were sourced from India and Pakistan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Malaysia, which are some of the largest dumping grounds for plastic waste. GiLo

Step 2: The plastic is melted into flakes, then washed once more to make sure that there is no RPET (recycled polyester terephthalate).

These bottles were sourced from India Pakistan China Malaysia Thailand. GiLo

Step 3: The clean flakes can be transformed into small pellets made of pure recycled plastic.

South Africans Gina Tarboton & Loren Dyer founded the company. Jay Caboz / Business Insider South Africa

Step 4: Next, the pellets are stretched out into yarn and then woven into fabric. To give the yarn four-way stretch, 8% spandex can be added to the yarn when it is woven into fabric.

They are surprisingly soft and stretchy. GiLo

Step 5: The fabric with company designs is digitally printed and is seamless to avoid chafing.

The shorts are water-repellent, quick-drying, seamless on the inner leg and seamless at the thighs. Jay Caboz / Business Insider South Africa

Although there is plenty of plastic available in South Africa, the experts say that there is not enough infrastructure to produce the material. This is why shorts are made overseas.

However, the company plans to make it locally in the future.

GiLo stands for Giving Love Back to the Planet.

There are also hats, lifestyle briefs and synthetically-made "down" jackets available for both men and women.

They also plan to introduce shorts for children this summer.

Prices vary depending on style.

The company also sells hats, lifestyle briefs and synthetically-made "down" jackets for women and men. Jay Caboz / Business Insider South Africa

Tarboton stated that Tarboton wanted to spread the message that ethically made clothing is possible. We hope to change consumer mindsets and make a difference for both the planet and people by offering stylish clothing that is not guilt-free.