Apple postpones return to office until 2022

Apple has delayed the mandatory return of the office to 2022.
Apple stated that the company made this decision due to rising COVID-19 cases in an internal memo, sent by Deirdre Obrien, head of HR. Bloomberg saw it. According to the memo, Apple would confirm that it will reopen the office one month before employees have to return to work.

Apple also stated in the memo that it doesn't plan to close its retail stores or offices at this time. Employees were urged to get vaccinated.

Apple originally planned to reopen its offices in September. However, this was later postponed to October. When employees return, they will be required to work from home Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They can also work remotely on Wednesdays or Fridays if they choose. Some employees were unhappy with this model and wrote an internal letter in June.

Many other tech giants, such as Lyft, Amazon, and Facebook, have delayed their return to office until 2022. Google plans to bring its workers back to the office in October.