Google is shutting down its Android Auto mobile app in favor of Google Assistant

Google has confirmed that it will be closing down the Android Auto for Phone Screens standalone app with Android 12. Google has confirmed that it will no longer be offering the standalone Android Auto for Phone Screens app with Android 12.
Google stated in a statement that those who use the Android Auto mobile app will transition to Google Assistant driving mode. Google Assistant driving mode, which is built into Android 12, will become the standard mobile driving experience. We don't have any further information to share.

Google Assistant driving mode is a built-in mobile driving experience.

After XDA Developers reported some users seeing a message in Android Auto for Phone Screens that the service was no longer available for cars, and directed users to Google Assistant driving mode instead, Google confirmed the matter. 9to5Google reports, however, that the Android Auto for Phone Screens app is now incompatible with Pixel devices running Android 12.

Although the history of Android Autos is not very clear, it is a significant step that has been long overdue. This story began in 2019, when Google made the decision to integrate most Android Autos features into Android 10, and eliminate the previously downloaded app. This is fine for everyone with an Android Auto compatible car. However, anyone with an older vehicle would have lost the driving-friendly interface that was available on their phone. These are difficult times.

Google's plan for these users was to introduce a new Google Assistant driving mode. However, this software was delayed and it was only released in 2019. It was later expanded internationally. Google needed a temporary solution, so the Android Auto for Phone Screens app (shorthand for Android Auto for Phone Screens) was created. If you're interested in learning more, the Verges Dieter Benn gave a detailed overview of 2019's situation.