Here’s how much it costs to fix a Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3 with a broken screen

Samsung's foldables are impressive. The company has worked hard to make them as durable and reliable as possible, but accidents do happen. Samsung told us how much it would cost for a Z Flip 3s or Z Fold 3s to be replaced if something happened to one of its screens.
Samsung phones come with a 1-year warranty. This means that if your screen is damaged in any way, Samsung will cover it. The cost to repair the Z Fold 3's interior folding screen is $479. The same process is required for the Z Flip 3. It costs $369. The external displays are cheaper than the Fold, which will cost $149 and the Flip $99 respectively.

The Flips folding screen is $369 to replace and the Folds folding screen is $479.

Samsung offers its Samsung Care Plus subscription for $12.99 per month. However, Samsung currently has a preorder deal that allows you to skip the Care Plus payments for 12 consecutive months. Samsung Care Plus subscribers will be charged $249 for an out-of warranty screen repair. However, the company claims that the deductible covers up three screen repairs per calendar year.

If your phone is non-folding, you may be able to fix it yourself. This can often end up being cheaper than hiring a professional. This isn't likely to happen with Samsung's new foldables. The phones come with sticky and difficult to remove materials like glue, tape, and goo because of Samsung's desire for durability. According to Samsung, the screens are made up of multiple layers that are sealed with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Repair costs for the new foldables will be lower than those for older models

This isn't much of an improvement. It's not as if Samsung's previous foldables were difficult to repair. While the prices for repairs to more traditional phones are higher, a broken iPhone 12 screen will cost $279; a Galaxy S21 5Gs will cost $199. However, Samsung is charging less than before. Samsungs website states that the Z Fold 2's inner screen will cost $549 to replace. The Z Flip 5Gs will cost $499. However, depending on the date of purchase, you might be eligible for a replacement for less.