An Alleged R. Kelly Victim Said He Made Her Dress Like A Girl Scout During Sex

R. Kelly wanted a teenage girl to dress up as a Girl Scout for sex he captured on video. This was the story of one of his alleged victims, who told a federal court in Brooklyn Thursday.
Jerhonda Pace, who testified on the second day in the singers' trial for sex trafficking charges and racketeering, spoke about the six months that Kelly had with her during which she was 16 years old.

Pace stated that Pace recorded them having sexual intercourse. He asked me to wear pigtails on my hair and dress like a Girl Scout.

On Wednesday, Pace said to the court that she met Kelly when she was 14 years old while attending his 2008 child pornography trial. He was acquitted because there wasn't enough evidence. At 16 years old, she met him at a Chicago party. She said that they exchanged numbers and he invited them back to his home a few days later.

After she had sex with Kelly for the first time, she initially stated that she was 19 years old. Kelly allegedly made her wear a swimsuit, and then instructed her to move backwards and forwards in front of him while removing it. She said that Kelly then started to kiss her and then performed oral sex with her. She said Pace then revealed that she was 16 years old.

He then asked me what that meant. Pace explained to the court that he had told her to keep telling her she was 19, and to act 21.

Then, she performed oral sex with him. She said that he would train me to please him sexually.

Pace told of being slapped in her face every time she upset Pace or violated one his rules for her. He called him daddy and ate only with his permission. She claimed that Pace didn't acknowledge him fast enough one day. He allegedly slapped Pace, choked her to death, then spat on her.

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Pace said that this was her last straw and she didn't go back to Kellys house again.

Jerhonda Pace just finished reading aloud the entry she wrote in her journal Jan. 23. It was her last day with R. Kelly. He allegedly choked her until she fell unconscious. She became visibly emotional and began to sob before she read this entry. It was 07:37 PM - 19 August 2021

She retained legal representation shortly thereafter. She claimed that she had tried to press charges but her lawyers stopped her. In exchange for her silence, she settled for $1 million. She did not profit from the settlement. Kelly initially gave her a large portion of the money back to her, but she later discovered that Kelly had shared the settlement with friends. The settlement was then deemed unenforceable.

Kelly's defense lawyers have stated that the women who were expected to testify against him should not be trusted or have an agenda since he has ended their relationships.

Deveraux Cannick, the defense attorney, attempted to portray Pace as untrustworthy during cross-examination. He claimed that she had initially lied about Kelly's age to him. Pace also denied that he suggested she was a stalker who was following the singer after their breakup.

Cannick suggested that Pace's testimony was too well-rehearsed and coached. He asked Pace why she didn't say no or go away when Kelly told her to remove her swimsuit after they had sex.

"You just took off your clothes?" He asked.

She replied, "Yes."

On Thursday, Pace stated that she couldn't use the toilet unless Kelly permitted her to. This was despite the fact that the room she was in usually had an attached bathroom.

Cannick asked Pace how long it would take for Kelly to be allowed to use the bathroom. He said that it might take five minutes if I was on his side. But if Kelly was on his side, it could take up to three days.

Cannick tried to poke holes in the testimony of the woman during much of his cross-examination. He mainly focused on minor details. But Pace was not ruffled and her story remained consistent.

Kelly wore a mask Thursday, just like others in court. This was at the request of Kelly's judge and on the advice of the court's epidemiologist. The majority of the people in the courtroom were unmasked before this day.

Kelly's doctor Kris McGrath (25 years) also testified on Thursday. He said that he treated Kelly often for sexually transmitted infections. He claimed that he first diagnosed Kelly with gonorrhea back in 1995, and then began treating him for herpes starting in 2000.

Prosecutors claim Kelly infected his sexual partners intentionally. McGrath testified that he told Kelly to use protection while having fun.

McGrath was a Kelly friend and was often invited to Kellys concerts. However, he claimed that he had never seen any Kellys women he thought were underage at Kellys music studios.

R. KElly is available for trial