Seriously, Get Rid of These Recalled Brands of Dog Food Right Now

Dogs can't communicate how they feel so you have to observe their symptoms. However, if your dog is poisoned by contaminated food, you will need to take care of any lingering issues.


Midwestern Pet Foods was recalled in January after six dry dog kibbles were found to contain aflatoxin, a poisonous carcinogen. The Food and Drug Administration believed that the aflatoxin-contaminated food had caused the deaths of over 70 dogs and the illness of around 80 others.

In March, a recall was issued for 10 types of cat and dog foods that were suspected to have salmonella contamination. The FDA now warns that Midwestern Pet Foods may have committed serious violations of food safety regulations that could have caused more than 130 dog deaths or 220 additional illnesses.

Bottom line: Midwestern Pet Foods should be disposed of immediately. This company's poor safety practices are becoming more apparent. You may also want to steer clear of their pet food products in the future.

What brands do Midwestern Pet Foods offer?

Midwestern Dog Foods sells the following brands:

Earthborn Holistic



Pro Pac






Nuun Better

You should look for products that contain the above names, as well as hybrids such Sportmix Wholesomes.

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What Midwestern pet food brands were recalled?

CanineX, Earthborn Holistics, Venture, Unrefined and Meridian brands were affected by the March Salmonella recall. The lot code EXP/02/22/M1/L# can be found on the back of the food bags. These foods were made at the Monmouth, Ill. facility.


All corn-based products manufactured at Chickasha Operations Facility, Oklahoma and expiring on or before July 2, 2022 were subject to the January recall. This is a large amount of pet food. The lot code for this recall is EXP03/03/22/05/L#/B###/HH:MM.

The FDA's findings were made after four inspections, which means that the problem could have been even worse than what the current recalls indicate. Toss the pet food and clean up any spillages. You will be a blessing to your dog.