Nursing Homes Face Quandary: Vaccinate Staff or Don’t Get Paid.

Marita Smith manages a Seattle nursing home, and Janet Snipes runs one in Denver. Both have years of industry experience and painful memories of Covid-19. However, they hold sharply different views about a federal policy that will require vaccinations for all employees of nursing homes.
Ms. Smith believes that unvaccinated individuals should not be caring about vulnerable populations already affected by the pandemic. Despite not reaching the same levels as last year, the industry is experiencing an increase in infection rates and deaths. The mandate is meant to stop another spike.

It's fantastic, Ms. Smith, the administrator at St. Anne Nursing and Rehab Center said, calling it a big deal because it would flush out health professionals who shouldnt be in healthcare.

These departures are exactly what Ms. Snipes worries about, the executive director of Holly Heights Care Center. She too wants all nursing home workers to be vaccinated. However, she is not concerned about losing those who refuse to comply in an industry that has a high turnover rate.