Azeem Rafiq accuses Yorkshire of downplaying racism by calling him the victim of 'inappropriate behaviour'

Azeem Rafiq, a former England youth captain, captained Yorkshire in a Twenty20 fixture 2012
Azeem Rafiq, a former player, accused Yorkshire of downplaying race by calling him "inappropriate behavior".

Rafiq (30) claimed that he was close to suicide because of the "institutional racism" at his club.

Yorkshire offered their "profound apologies", after "several" of the allegations were confirmed by an independent investigation.

Rafiq stated, "I'm frustrated.

Ankur Desai of BBC Asian Network spoke to him. "A year of pain, trying to get people listening, a whole year of giving people the chance to do the right things and we end up with a statement which turns racism into inappropriate behavior."

In September, the ECB wrote to the club to request a copy of the findings. The club replied by saying that "several" of the allegations were true.

Yorkshire has yet to publish the report and the recommendations, but they responded to an ECB request to set a publication date by stating that they would release the information "in coming weeks".

According to the club, the scope of the investigation by Squire Patton Boggs went beyond examining Rafiq’s claims and also considered whether they were institutionally racism.

The club stated that the investigation was thorough and difficult. "Historically, Azeem has been the victim of inappropriate behavior."

Rafiq stated: "To try to say these are historical events, yes there were things 10 years ago, but primarily most of my allegations concern people who are still in leadership positions.

It's like saying, "We're going punch you, knocking you down, then pick you up again." To be completely honest, I'm extremely tired and sick.

"I am sick and tired of giving these people, Yorkshire Cricket Club, ECB, everybody, an opportunity to the detriment myself.

"I don't know when I will be able to see the damage this past 12 months has done to me.

Rafiq also expressed his frustration at the speed of the investigation and said that he had given Yorkshire many opportunities to do the right things.

He stated that he had "lost trust" in May and said that the process was flawed. Also, that key witnesses were not approached to testify.

Yorkshire claimed that "many witnesses", including Rafiq and current and former players, coaches, and management, "willingly came forth" to assist in the investigation.

Rafiq and Yorkshire failed to reach a settlement in an employment tribunal case in June.

The former England Under-19 captain claimed discrimination and harassment based on race as well as victimisation in the legal action.