Alabama Overtakes Florida In Child Covid-19 Hospitalizations After Admissions Jump 300% In One Week

According to data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alabama has taken Florida's place as the state with the highest number of Covid-19-infected children. The state saw an increase of more than 300% in the number of admitted children in one week. This was in addition to a larger rise in hospitalizations in the state.

Covid-19 is tested on a child. AFP via Getty Images

The Key Facts

Alabama was already the state with the highest number of children infected with Covid-19 before the jump. It admitted almost 260 children between August 10-16, an average of 37 per-day, and it surpassed Georgia, Florida and Louisiana. This 333% increase is from the previous week, when total of 63 Alabama children were hospitalized with coronavirus. On average, nine children are hospitalized per day. Alabama has the highest number of children hospitalized in America: 3.41 per 100,000. Florida (1.28 per 100,000), Louisiana (11.33) and Georgia (1.06) have the next highest child hospitalization rates. Only Florida and Texas beat the number of children admitted daily to hospitals in Alabama, which is 54 and 42 respectively. Kentucky and South Dakota are the only states that experienced similar surges to Alabama's. However, child hospitalizations in both states increased by threefold this week.

Surprising Fact

Alabama has more Covid-19-infected children than any other time in the pandemic. This is more than its winter peak of 700%.

Important Background

Alabama's hospital system is overwhelmed by the influx of cases from the more severe delta variant. The Alabama Hospital Association announced Wednesday night that there are 29 ICU beds in the state. Alabama, which is currently battling one of the most severe epidemics in the country, is also among the least vaccined states in the country. Only 36% of its residents have been fully vaccinated and 47% have received at least one jab. According to local public health experts, the increase in Covid-19-related deaths among children is due to the high number of cases reported throughout the state. Children under 18 make up an increasing proportion of all U.S. infections, and the number of cases is on the rise nationwide.

Important Quote

Although health agencies have not stated that the delta variant is more harmful to children, Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo at the University of Alabama in Birmingham stressed Wednesday that she sees children with Covid-19 who are seriously ill. Marrazzo spoke of Birmingham's Childrens Hospital, saying that there are 12 children at Childrens Hospital. Two of them are on an ICU ventilator and intubated. They are less than two years old. This virus is very dangerous in terms of transmission and its potential to cause severe illness, especially in children.

What to Watch

Alabama's school year will be affected by the rising number of coronavirus infections and children being hospitalized. Since some schools returned to in-person learning this month, the state has already reported almost 6,000 Covid-19 cases. Local pediatricians are urging students to wear masks on campus.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), hospitalization and death due to Covid-19 are still uncommon in children. The AAP highlights that between 0.00%-0.03% of all viral deaths in children in states with reported age-related deaths is attributed to Covid-19. The AAP published this week an urgent appeal for data collection to determine the longer-term effects of the pandemic on children, from long-term health and emotional side effects to mental and psychological side effects.

Big Number

2,100. According to the CDC, this is about the number of children hospitalized in the U.S. with Covid-19 between August 10-16. This represents a 25% increase over the previous pandemic record.

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