Eurostar expands timetable with more trains

In response to increasing demand, more Eurostar trains have been added to meet the growing demand.
Bookings for the high-speed Channel Tunnel passenger train service have doubled in August compared to July. There are 39 trains that will be added this month to allow passengers to travel between the UK, Europe and Africa.

Travel is most active between August 27-30, when banks holiday. Paris is the most visited destination from the UK.

Since the removal of travel restrictions earlier in the month, the high-speed railway operator has seen a gradual return to weekend breaks. There was a 105% increase in weekend trips between London & Paris in August and September compared with the same period last years.

More than 80% are due to leisure travel, visiting family and friends, or business travel.

A new timetable will be available from September 6 to November 1. It will include eight daily returns. There are five in each direction along the London-Paris route, and three in each direction along the London-Brussel route. One each way to Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

With one-way fares starting from 39, the expanded timetable allows for greater flexibility.

Eurostar introduced new safety measures, including deep cleaning of trains before each journey and regular disinfection by cleaning teams.

Travellers must use a mask at all times, onboard and at stations. After check-in at London St Pancras, this requirement continues.