SC GOP leader dies after battling COVID for more than a month

Pressley Stutts was the GOP leader that helped to reshape Greenville County Republican Party leadership. He died Thursday from complications from COVID-19.
He was admitted to the ICU in August after being hospitalized since July. He was admitted to the ICU on Aug. 3 after being placed on a ventilator at Spartanburg Regional Hospital. He was suffering from blood clots, pneumonia, and renal failure.

Stutts was a Tea Party member and helped to found MySCGOP. This conservative organization was intended as an alternative for the S.C. Republican Party.

He was a leader in pushing to make the Republican Party more right-leaning, which led to the resignations of Greenville GOP Chair Jennifer Black and Stacy Shea's 1st Vice Chair, as well as Randy Page, state Executive Committeeman.

He was a strong supporter of President Donald J. Trump, and shared photos of himself with him on Facebook.

After Stutts was admitted for COVID testing, he posted Facebook messages reaffirming that he believes vaccines and masks shouldn't be required by the government.

Patty, his wife, was also positive for COVID. She was admitted to hospital but has since been released.

We request privacy from the Pressleys family and Patty's request for it. This is a very difficult time. A message on Stutts' Facebook page stated that we will keep you informed of any developments.

His Facebook page has been visited by hundreds of people who have supported him throughout his illness and his final days.

Stutts stated that he didn't doubt the insidiousness COVID, and that it is not something to play with.

He stated that it is a deadly bioweapon and was perpetrated on the people of the planet by foreign enemies, as well as domestic, via social media.

He stated that it was up to the individual and not the government to decide whether to wear a mask, or to get vaccinated against the disease.

He said that coercions and mandates don't work especially when they are from a government which has repeatedly lied about the American People. The truth-telling and disclosure of the extent of corruption and depravity that President Trump has exposed has awakened us the people.

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Stutts was a development director at nonprofits and schools, as well as a financial planner and in the insurance industry.

He was a U.S. Navy Reserve officer for over three decades and retired in 2011 as a commander. He was also a chaplain to the service.

He was an active member of the Marines during Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He founded a new travel company.

Stutts graduated from Gardner-Webb University as well as Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.