Taliban take power in Afghanistan: Interim government to be formed, president prepares to relinquish power, reports say

Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, Afghan acting Interior Minister, speaks to camera in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 15, 2021. Ministry of Interior, Afghanistan/via REUTERS
The country's interior minister stated that Afghanistan would see a "peaceful transition of power" to Taliban.

CNN reported that talks are under way to create an interim government headed by the militant group.

According to local reports, Ashraf Ghani is likely to give up power in the near future.

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According to Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal, the acting Afghan Interior Minister, Afghanistan will see a "peaceful transfer" of power to a transitional government led by Taliban.

Mirzakwal stated in a video message that he said: "The Afghan people shouldn't worry... Mirzakwal stated that there would be no attack on the capital and that there would be peaceful transfer of power.

CNN reported on Sunday that the Taliban had issued a statement confirming that it was in talks to surrender the capital peacefully.

"No one's property, honor, head or dignity will be damaged and the lives of Kabulis won't be in danger." A spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate stated that all its forces are instructed to stand at Kabul's gates and not attempt to enter the city.

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Suhail Shaheen (international media spokesperson for the Taliban) confirmed to Al Jazeera, that the group would remain at the city's outskirts while transition talks take places.

Shaheen didn't specify the type of agreement that the Taliban wanted, but the Associated Press reported it as the Taliban seeking unconditional surrender from the central government.

According to the spokesperson, Afghans who aren't Taliban will be part of the Islamic government.

Shaheen also stated to Sune Engel Rasmussen, The Wall Street Journal's Sune Emmer Rasmussen, that journalists would be safe under Taliban control.

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-Sune Engel Rasmussen (@SuneEngel) August 15, 2021

According to Al Arabiya, Ashraf Ghani is the country's president and will be stepping down in the next few hours.

According to AFP News Agency, the Afghan president has urged Kabul's government forces to uphold law and order.

Al Jazeera reported that Ghani's source denied reports that he had fled the country.

According to CNN's Kaitlan Collins, other high-ranking Afghan officials are also at Hamid Karzai International Airport, waiting for a flight out.

Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press reports that Taliban officials now control all border crossings to Afghanistan, leaving the airport as the only exit.

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According to Reuters, Pope Francis was the one who called for dialogue in Afghanistan to prevent bloodshed. "I share the concern about Afghanistan's situation. "I ask you to pray with me to God of Peace so that the noise of weapons ceases and that solutions can be found around the table of dialogue," he told pilgrims at St. Peter's Square.

According to local media, Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister has agreed to recall Parliament to discuss the Taliban's seizure in Afghanistan.

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