Lindsey Graham called Joe Biden to mend their friendship after the senator publicly went after Hunter Biden

Sen. Lindsey Graham supported Trump last fall, and called for an investigation into Hunter Biden.
The New York Times reported that Graham called Joe Biden soon afterward to repair their friendship.

Joe Biden stated that Graham was a "personal dismay" since he used to consider him a friend.

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According to a report by The New York Times, Sen. Lindsey Graham called Joe Biden shortly after his election in an attempt to repair their friendship.

Graham had called for an investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of Biden, and his business dealings with Ukraine. This was a common request by Trump's allies and former President Donald Trump.

According to The Times, Graham claimed that he told Biden that he was only after Hunter in order to please Trump supporters. However, a spokesperson for Graham refuted that claim.

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Before Biden ran for president, Graham, a Republican hailing from South Carolina was considered to be friends with him.

Graham was emotional in 2015 when he stated that Biden was "as great a man God ever created." Biden was also the name he called upon Beau's passing.

Biden had told Graham in 2013 that he would travel to South Carolina to assist him in his reelection bid.

Graham called for an investigation into Hunter Biden. He said that he loved Biden, but didn't believe that his son's business transactions "passed the smell test."

Graham called Biden, but Biden didn't respond positively. He considered Graham's remarks about Hunter Biden an "unforgivable assault on his family," according The Times. Two sources close to Biden said that Biden had accused Graham of trying not to have it both way.

Stephen Colbert asked Biden in December if he believed he could make peace with Graham.

Biden stated that Lindsey was a personal disappointment since he was a friend of mine.


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