Delta Planning Improved Business Class Check-in, Dedicated Lounge At LAX

Delta has been talking for some time about creating a Sky Club for business-class passengers at LAX. United has a Polaris lounge and American has Flagship. However, Delta does not currently have a lounge other than its Sky Clubs, which are sometimes better than those of American airlines.
According to reports, it was being constructed on the top floor at the terminal two- and three connector.

In a Delta Air Lines Sky Club, Detroit, an executive was speaking a bit too loudly. It seems that Delta has ended Sodexho's contracts to run some clubs. Los Angeles will soon get its distinctive business class lounge along with improvements in the Delta One checkin experience.

Keep in mind that this conversation is just one side of a three way conversation. It's not always clear which comments refer check-in or lounge. Below are some notes from my correspondent. The female executive is seated inside the club and the comment about the boobs seems relevant.

Delta One LAX: Special Coffee, Tea, Champagne, and Amuse-Bouche Services

At Delta One LAX, we are receiving terrible feedback. Uniform appearance, not consistently staff, etc. This must happen immediately. Rene doesn't want to wait. We have to get rid the coffee from there. They are looking for a Nespresso machine. They will be offered to make the coffee and serve it. It will be sold at Williams-Sonoma. We need to change the coffee service by August 24th. Chef Jon, you will need an amuse-bouche. To serve them, something like melon on an apron. It's a canape and amuse-bouche type of experience. This is a very high-quality service. I don't know where they will be found. Who is going to do all this in the kitchen?! Lisa is terrible, she cannot do this. We are being asked to perform at a higher standard. Even though they are wonderful people, the people we have don't meet the expectations of demanding guests. They also want to offer champagne from a tray to all adult guests. The associate will need to be able to offer champagne from a tray. Although I don't know if that is possible, it is what they desire. Perhaps little shot glasses could work. Williams-Sonoma will be the one to go. It's not possible to imagine a better place. The current manager can't. Rosas has never had such refined service. They need them to implement them within two weeks. Tea Forte is also what I want. Is that possible through Compass? That is what we want now.

Sodexho Out Managing Clubs in Atlanta

We were awarded the Sky Clubs of Atlanta in both the E and F concourses, as you may have heard. They have the largest footprints of any club in Atlanta. Super nice. Both premium. The transition date for both is November 1. Sodexo will leave those clubs on the 31st of each month, the night that the clubs close. It's probably midnight. Both clubs get about 2,000 guest per day. We have 100 hourly employees, including one GM, four AGMs, and one chef. Compass also funded seven supervisors. All small wares and uniforms as well as office supplies will cost approximately $200,000 It looks like we could spend about $260. We have $450,000 available to spend on all other expenses, including recruiting. Recruitment is a major problem. I organized a career fair for Atlantas airport on August 25. It takes eight weeks to get the badge for Atlanta. We cannot wait to hire. We will immediately hire, put them on payroll, and then send them to Atlanta aquarium while waiting for their badge. The same goes for managers. Managers will also come to you and stay at a hotel.

I have reached out to Delta and will update you if they reply.