Photographer who failed to give couple their wedding photos 6 years later forced to pay $22,000 for breaching contract

Canada's British Columbia judge ruled that the photographer had broken the contract with a couple. Westend61/Getty Images
Canada's judge ordered that a couple pay $22,000 to a wedding photographer for breaking their contract.

The couple stated in court that six years after their 2015 wedding, the photographer had not delivered the photos or videos.

Judge said that the photographer seemed to make excuses for the couple "in spur of the moment".

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CBC News reported Tuesday that a judge ordered a photographer who failed to deliver their wedding photos and videos for six years to pay more than $22,000 to a couple.

According to court documents viewed by Insider in June, Aman Bal, a Surrey judge ruled that the photographer had breached his contract. He did not provide materials from Ramandeep Rai and Kaman Rai's 2015 wedding. According to court documents, the judge said that Bal's explanations were "troubling" and she agreed with them.

Insider has seen court documents that show that the couple hired Bal (who claims he is a professional photographer for 15-20 years) and Elite Images to capture photos and videos of their June 2015 marriage. The cost was $8,500. According to court documents, Bal was also hired by the couple to create wedding photo albums, prints and digital guest books, as well as four sets of Bluray discs and a DVD with all photos.

According to court filings, Bal and the couple claimed that they lost "irreplaceable", childhood photos and that their delay had caused them "significant mental distress."

On her wedding day, a bride holds flowers. (Not the couple mentioned in this story. Jodie Griggs/Getty Images

According to court documents, the couple tried to contact Bal regarding the photos - which were supposed be delivered within one year - but he did not always respond promptly. According to the judge, Bal's response "led them believe that the Products were imminent"

According to the same court filing, the judge stated that "essentially, he strung along the Rais for more than 3 years, leading them believe they would get Products imminently."

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Bal denied that he had worked at Elite Images, but employees from other companies continued to do the same task when Bal asked Bal about the products in January 2018. The judge stated in the same court papers that Bal would not identify the companies.

Bal claimed that he did not complete the order as the Rais had never paid the $3,500 outstanding balance, according to court documents.

According to court filing, "Mr. Bal offered a few additional explanations for the delay but none of them is supported by evidence."

Bal's explanations were called "lame excuses" by the judge. He also appeared to have literally made up the excuses on the stand in the heat of the moment.

A couple celebrating their wedding day. (Not the couple mentioned.) Anntuan/Shutterstock

According to the June court filing, Bal must pay $7,000 for the replacement of the products he failed to deliver. He also has to pay damages of $10,000 for mental distress and $5,000 for punitive damages. Bal also has to pay $236 for court fees.

According to court filings, the judge stated that the photographer's slippery testimony and breach of the contract appear to be part of a "pattern of deceitful behavior that frustrates innocent people so much that they give up and walk away with what they can get back."

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