Law Experts Ponder Whether Sex Robots Should Be Legal

Sexbots will be around for the foreseeable future. Some lawyers wonder what the government should do.
Regulation of Sex Bots

Legal experts are starting to wonder how they should be regulated, given the rapid advancements in sex doll technology.

Madi McCarthy, associate attorney at LK, and Tania Léman, associate professor and dean of legal at Finders University, Adelaide, Australia wrote an article in The Bulletin. The Law Society of SA Journal analyzed how Australia's government should react to importing sexbots.

They are particularly concerned by the ethical dilemma posed by hyper-realistic sex toys, which could further objectify and promote violence against women.

The article stated that technological advances and increasing public concern mean that Australian policymakers will likely be faced with calls to regulate sex robots. The ethical, regulatory, legal, and legal issues of balancing complex and competing individual and public interest requires new consideration.



The pros and cons of sex dolls

The piece is, as you can imagine, incredibly interesting. The piece presents both arguments in support and against the import of sex robots to the country.

The dolls could increase the risk of women being sexually abused. Many are concerned about the robots' realistic appearance, which allows them to smile, blink, moan and smile. This could lead to people becoming less sensitive to how other people treat them.

There are others who believe that sex robots can address the sexual needs of a subset of the population, including those with disabilities, sex anxiety, and sexual dysfunctions.

The article stated that regulation of sexrobots will require careful balancing individual interests in privacy and autonomy in one's own home, and sexual relationships, with larger public interests such as protecting adults against non-consensual activity and maintaining public morality.



Each year, the technology behind sex dolls is improving. It will undoubtedly raise many more complicated but important questions about the ethics of sexbots.

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