Elon Musk Casually Roasts Jeff Bezos Once Again

In Spanish, he also called him Jeffrey Kisses.
Physics is beyond our comprehension

Elon Musk made a very casual remark on Friday about Jeff Bezos, a fellow billionaire.

Musk responded to another post about Germany's plans to invest $10 billion into hydrogen projects with a tweet that stated, "No amount of money can defy the laws of physics." He then followed up with another tweet, saying: As Jeffrey Besos [sic] has amply demonstrated.

Tesla Roaster

The post, like many others from Tesla CEOs' tweets is a little enigmatic. It leaves room for interpretation.

Given that SpaceX is Blue Origin's main competitor in the aerospace industry, it can be argued that he is making fun of Bezos efforts at space travel and exploration. Bezos is reportedly furious at SpaceX's high-paying federal contracts.



We are most intrigued by the spelling error in Bezos' name (Jeffrey Besos is spelled Jeffrey Kisses in Spanish). Musk shows us that he doesn't care enough to check the spelling of his billionaire co-workers before he sends off the tweet.

Hydrogen vs Electric

Shade throwing was only one part of larger discussion about Germany's investment in hydrogen technology, something Musk is well-known for opposing.

The Tesla CEO called Nikolas, a rival hydrogen-powered car startup, "stupid" in fact.

It's an interesting conversation to have. Musk can make a fascinating conversation into another meme, in typical Musk fashion.



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