This Critical Tool is a Must for Healthcare Practices

August 14, 2021, 4 minutes read
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Business owners need to be able to manage their time and schedule online. Online scheduling is essential if you have an appointment-based business.

Patients are people, and people are busy. Expectations have changed. The rules have changed. Instant gratification is highly in demand. Technology has not kept pace with consumer expectations in the healthcare industry. Patients still need to make appointments with their doctors by calling. It is a problem that affects patient experience.

Online scheduling allows healthcare providers to reinvent their business model, transform the way they operate, and offer exceptional patient experiences.

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Keep up with consumer demand

Online scheduling can be a big advantage when looking for a healthcare provider. It is no longer enough to have a practice in the closest area to the person.

Patients were given the option of choosing between doctors who had similar experiences, are close to them, have availability, and have high ratings for patient satisfaction. 80% said they would switch providers purely because they could get better service.

Technology is key to driving this industry forward. Millennials, Gen Z and beyond are the most tech-savvy generation, but also the most dependent. The future generations cannot imagine a life without their smartphones, tablets and laptops. They will choose the person who makes it the easiest and fastest for them.

People like to be able to book their appointments when it is most convenient for them. This can be difficult in today's fast-paced and hectic world. Self-service is today's trend. Online scheduling is not an option. This can lead to lost leads and a backlog to work.

Patients will continue to come back for more health care when it is easier than ever.

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Create a memorable patient experience

Patient experience extends beyond the actual physical appointment. It is also important to consider what happens before the patient gets through the door. It is possible to transform the process of booking a patient appointment into an experience that caters specifically to the patient's needs.

Nobody wants to wait for 24 hours to be contacted by a representative to make an appointment. Online scheduling allows practice staff to be present at the moment and not have to answer the phone. They can quickly get patients in and out of the office by not having to worry about scheduling changes, reminders, or paperwork.

It is not enough to simply adapt to the new landscape. The key piece of the puzzle to creating the best patient experience is deploying the right tool.

Your bottom line will rise

Every business owner wants to increase their bottom line. Too many practices are focused on cutting costs in order to increase their bottom lines. It really boils down to two simple priorities. It must be the perfect combination of investing in patient satisfaction and growing their practice to increase its bottom line.

Happy patients will refer their friends to happy doctors by reducing back-and-forth communications and waiting times.

Online scheduling is the fastest way to reduce cancellations and no-shows. It can also save you thousands (or even millions) of dollars each year, while simultaneously attracting new clients.

These days, people are more busy than ever. Healthcare providers don't have the time or patience to make phone calls. Research has shown that automated reminders systems are more effective in getting people to show up on schedule.

Technology and healthcare are inextricably linked. This is the future of healthcare. The 1990s practice is not going to meet the demands of 2021. Digital transformation will allow practices to reach more patients and improve quality of life in their communities by giving them the ability to take control of their own health.

Online scheduling and patient experience are going to change the game in 2021, there's no doubt. These two areas will be a competitive advantage for practices that prioritize them.