A chef's McDonald's hack went viral on TikTok after he turned a burger and fries into a gourmet dinner

Chef Dany.kim/TikTok transformed a Quarter Pounder with cheese to beef wellington. danny.kim/TikTok
TikToker challenges chefs and restaurateurs to transform fast food into gourmet dishes.

His viral video of converting a Quarter Pounder to beef wellington was viewed over 1.3 million times.

The chef made the french fries into side dishes with mashed potatoes in the video.

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Fast food and "gourmet" are not often synonyms. Danny Kim, a food blogger on TikTok, has turned to his culinary friends to make it possible.

Kim shared a TikTok clip of Chef Mikey's fine-dining McDonald's creation on August 4. Kim's Quarter Pounders and cheese with side of fries were transformed into a beef wellington, complete with mashed potatoes, gravy and gravy. Kim's video was viewed 15.9 million times at the time this article was written.

The chef took out the buns from the Quarter Pounders and fried the patties in oil. The chef then chopped some artichoke and spinach, and placed it between the cheese-lined sides. After wrapping the meat in prosciutto, he wrapped it in puff pastry before brushing the egg wash on the entire thing. The meat was baked until it became flaky and golden.

Each layer can be seen. danny.kim/TikTok

The mashed potatoes were made with milk, cream, garlic, and an additional bay leaf. The fries were soaked in the liquid, then blended it all together with a fork and pushed it through a sieve.

A gravy was also prepared by the chef using beef stock, butter and the pickles, onions, and butter from the burgers.

Kim spoke out about the beef wellington and mashed potato. Kim said that although the wellington's flaky exterior and pomme pure were delicious, it still resembled food from McDonalds. If someone told me it wasn't McDonald's, I'd likely ask why it tasted a little like a Double Quarter Pounder.

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Kim has experimented with many chains, including McDonald's. He has shared videos of Taco Bell, Popeyes and KFC meals. Kim's KFC pasta video was viewed 11.9 million times at the time this article was written.

Kim stated that he will be doing more food videos with DC-area chefs, but he would also love to see re-creations from more regional chains that he cannot access every day. He said, "I would love an In-N Out Double-Double with Animal Style Fries being transformed." There are so many components. It could be recreated in many different ways by a chef.

Kim shared with Insider that "Seeing something cheap transformed into something beautiful, gourmet showcases my knowledge and skill as a chef,"

Kim stated that these re-creations are possible by home cooks in their kitchens.

He said that although it is not easy to transform fast food items into gourmet dishes, it is possible for anyone to do it. "At the end, there's a meat and vegetable and sometimes bread involved. You just need to take these elements and re-create it your way.

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