iPads, MacBooks, and More Apple Gadgets Are on Sale Right Now

Apple unveils a new line of hardware almost every autumn. This event is perfectly timed to coincide with back-to school season. Older gadgets also get a discount. Wait for Apple's September event if you want the latest and greatest. We have great deals on iPads and MacBooks, as well as the Apple Watch, for those who are looking to save. If you are looking to add more items to your supply list, be sure that you check these back-to-school offers.Gear readers get a $5 discount on a 1-year WIRED subscription ($25). You will have unlimited access to WIRED.com as well as our print magazine (if desired). Subscribers help us fund our daily work.We may be compensated if you make a purchase using the links in our stories. This supports our journalism. Find out more.iPad DealsiPad Air 2020 Photograph by AppleAre you looking for an iPad? There are several options available that you can choose from at a discount price. To find the best iPad for you, read our Best iPads Guide.The iPad Air is a tablet that doubles as a computer and a workstation. It is also the cheapest we have ever tracked. It's the Goldilocks iPad-not too powerful, but not too weak. It's fast, has Touch ID and charges via USB-C. It even looks more expensive than the iPad Pro. For more information, read our detailed review.This discount is not really a discount. For the past six months, the price of the basic iPad has been around $220 for roughly six months. However, it can jump to $320 occasionally. You shouldn't spend full price, but this deal is the best we've seen, excluding Black Friday. Although this model is less fancy than the iPad Air, it's still great. This tablet is the best for most people.The iPad Mini will be reduced by $35 when you checkout. This brings it down to the lowest price we have ever tracked. The iPad Mini is great for travelers and light-packers. The iPad Mini is small and lightweight, just over half a pound in weight, yet the 8-inch screen feels spacious. It's not the most modern, but it does support the original-gen Apple Pencil. The complete review is here.The price of the iPad Pro was $50 lower than it was earlier in the week. This means that you can expect a further drop to $700 in the near future. The Pro is the best choice if you want the most luxurious iPad on the market. There are two options. It is also available in a 12.9-inch model at a discounted price. It has a larger screen. For more information, read the full review.It is the third time that the second-gen Apple Pencil's price has fallen this low. It has never been sold for less. The Apple Pencil is a huge draw for iPad owners. It is extremely sensitive to pressure and can be used for drawing, taking notes and other stylus-like functions. You won't find it compatible with all iPad models, so make sure to double-check your purchase. You can also get the first-generation Apple Pencil for your iPad at a discounted price.Select Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard Folio accessories can be discounted. For more recommendations from third parties, see our guide to the best iPad accessories.AirPods DealsThese discounts are less common than the iPad discounts, but they are still quite popular. Prices will likely drop around the holidays. Amazon claims that the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case and the AirPods With Wireless Charge Case are on sale, however they were both significantly cheaper in the earlier part of the month.Although the MSRP of the AirPods Pro is $250, they have been selling at prices ranging from $190 to $197 since March. The average price is $15 less. You can still get $190 cheaper than $197 if you're not willing to wait. Remember that you will likely get another chance. Although they are getting old, we recommend the AirPods Pro.This is the lowest price for certain colors of the AirPods Max (8/10 WIRED Recommends). In late July, other colors were $15 less. Although these are extremely expensive, Apple fans have never been discouraged by this caveat. Avoid buying them at full price.MacBook DealsApple MacBook Pro 2020 Photograph:Our MacBook Buying Guide will help you choose between the various options and the best Mac Apps to load your new computer. If you are looking for a laptop that is specifically suitable for college, we also have a guide on the best laptops for students.This is $50 more than we have seen for the MacBook Pro. The battery can last for a full day and you get powerful performance. It doesn't need a fan and is quiet even when working at high levels. This is our complete review.Although this deal has been available on Amazon since July, it is still the best price we have seen for this MacBook Pro. This model is slightly faster than the MacBook Air. This model has a longer battery life and a brighter screen. Find out more about these differences.At checkout, you'll get $50 off This deal is a great option if you prefer a desktop. The Mac Mini (9/10 WIRED Recommends), has a small footprint and excellent performance. However, you will need to provide your own keyboard, mouse, and display. If you don't need an Apple product, there are many other desktop options.Apple Watch DealsApple Watch Series 6 Photograph by AppleApple Watches are the best fitness trackers and smartwatches for iPhone owners. These watches go on sale quite often so if you don't want to buy today, keep your eyes peeled for Black Friday when there will likely be more price reductions. Below is a list of all the models.This is the best deal we have seen for the Series 6. This Apple Watch is the best for most people. It's more than just a timepiece.This deal is not available in all stock. Be sure to review all sizes and colors. While the Apple Watch SE was $230 on Black Friday 2020, this price is comparable to its next-lowest. For those who don't require all the bells and whistles of the Series 6, the SE is a good choice.Here are more great WIRED stories