Fox News reportedly helped Ron DeSantis stage a vaccine news event in January

Ron DeSantis. Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesFour months of emails from Ron DeSantis (R) reveal that the Florida governor's numerous appearances on Fox News were "carefully crafted". The network even helped the 2024 star to stage a vaccination news event in January, according to the Tampa Bay Times.DeSantis's office tried to present a flattering picture about Florida's complicated vaccine rollout and to overshadow images that show elderly people waiting in long lines. They pitched a Fox & Friends appearance by the governor. According to Tampa Bay, the producers of top-rated TV show were delighted and created a plan in a rush of emails and phone calls over the following days.Fox provided "the cameras and its audience," while the governor's team "provided a senior and a location." Other media were not allowed to enter. DeSantis made jokes while DeSantis gushed about how Florida is leading the nation in vaccinations for older residents. The segment aired Jan. 22.Tampa Bay writes that the event is not the only instance where DeSantis' appearance on Fox has "few surprises". According to some reports, topics, talking points and sometimes graphics are shared ahead of time.These instances are compared to pre-interviews with guests on air, but A.J. A University of Alabama communications professor, Bauer believes that the governor and Fox are "crossing the lines" between contributors and networks.He said, "Whatever thin wall existed between Fox News, DeSantis and it seems to have crumbled where people from both sides sit in a digital space together pitching programming ideas." You can read more at the Tampa Bay Times.You might also likeThe Israeli Olympic hero is not allowed to get married. But that could soon change.Sociology shows that policy makers have looked at vaccine refusal in a wrong way.2020 Census data shows that the U.S. population has become more urbanized and diverse.