Former emergency QB Jake Fromm orchestrates game-winning drive in NFL debut for Buffalo Bills

DETROIT -- Jake Fromm, the Buffalo Bills' quarterback, took a snap with an opponent team at the line of scrimmage for the first time in his short NFL career.Fifth-round 2020 pick Tyler Bass led a 74 yard scoring drive that culminated in a game-winning field goal.Fromm completed 8 of 13 passes for 65 yards. He also completed a 42-yard pass to Marquez Stevenson, rookie quarterback, on fourth-and-10 during the final drive. The Bills' rookie quarterback was Georgia's Fromm. He didn't lose heart after that season."He's been there before," Bills coach Sean McDermott stated, referring to Fromm's Georgia career. "He doesn't seem to be bothered by these moments."Fromm was drafted by Buffalo at 167th in 2020. He spent training camp performing regular quarterback duties, before finally being selected for the 53-man roster alongside Josh Allen and Matt Barkley.From that point, his daily life was not normal. The Bills made Fromm their emergency QB. He practiced alone and was socially distant from his teammates at Orchard Park.It was a five- to six month experience for me. Fromm stated that she has never experienced anything like it. It was very, very difficult and lonely at times. But I kept my faith and my family strong. Knowing I would see them soon, and that hopefully all this will pay off some day."I wanted to be prepared and I honestly showed up at work every day and said, "Hey, let's go, we're ready." "This is where I am at, these are my feet, let's give it all and give it our best.Fromm stated that he had Friday's match marked on his calendar for a while and credits the Bills' practice at Highmark Stadium with helping him adapt to the NFL's speed.His limited game action performance also impressed his teammates, especially quarterback Davis Webb. Davis Webb complimented Fromm for being able to overcome a pair of sacks earlier to bounce back when it was most important.Webb stated, "It was great to see Jake get into there and throw that deep one at Speedy for both of them in our first game in NFL." Sometimes, a few plays don't go your way. Jake would not be safe the first few drives. There are many factors that can go into this. Jake came in clutches, so I will still put it on Jake."Next week, the Bills will travel to Chicago to face the Bears in their second preseason match.