Sources -- Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC in preliminary discussions about forming alliance, likely around scheduling

Sources told ESPN that the Pac-12, Big Ten, and ACC had already discussed the possibility of forming an alliance. This would likely be based on scheduling, but could also include other areas.Commissioners George Kliavkoff, Kevin Warren (Big Ten), and Jim Phillips have maintained regular contact and had some in-person conversations. Kliavkoff, Warren and others were present this week at Rose Bowl meetings. According to sources from Pac-12, all three Pac-12 commissioners met in Chicago last week.Kliavkoff stated that he had been in regular and frequent contact with the A5 commissioners over the past few weeks regarding the four to five complex issues facing the industry. "Anything beyond this is speculation and I cannot comment on it."Both Phillips and Warren did not respond to messages.Kliavkoff was unable to confirm the meeting in Chicago last week. Kliavkoff also met with Bob Bowlsby (Big 12 commissioner), last week. His league is in turmoil due to the imminent departures of Oklahoma and Texas from the SEC.Sources claim that the Big 12 is not involved in any discussions regarding an alliance with other Power 5 conferences. Bowlsby stated to the Texas state senator on Aug. 2 that there are "options" for them to partner with other conferences. There might be opportunities for mergers.ESPN spoke with two league athletic directors who were discussing an alliance. They said that nonconference scheduling would likely be the main focus but didn't give any details. It has been interpreted as a consolidation of power by the addition of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC, along with Greg Sankey, commissioner for College Football Playoff.A Power 5 athletic director stated that "there is some alignment between us and them a little bit."The next major CFP meeting will be held in Chicago on Sept. 28th.The Athletic reported the first mention of the possible alliance between the Pac-12 and Big Ten, as well as the ACC.This report was contributed by ESPN's David Hale.