Passenger Who Lit Cigarette Inflight Says Police Beat Her After Flight Attendants Spiked Her Drink

According to Turkish and Russian reporting, a woman flew business class from Bodrum in Turkey to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. She lit a cigarette and made a mockery of the officers who took her into custody.According to flight attendants the woman shouted loudly, used foul language and waved her arms before lighting up.As part of this Irina Tamimiruusu, who runs a Moscow travel agency, she injured her leg. She was then taken off the plane in a wheelchair. Then she cursed at the police. She was charged with petty homoliganism and insulting government officials (a crime in Russia but not yet in the United States).However, she claims that she did not actually smoke at the airport, but she simply held the cigarette in one's mouth.Ms. Tammiruusu claims that she was also beaten and injected with mRNA, an unknown substance. She also says that she was in the right to behave onboard.Do you know how much it costs to fly business class? This is not an economy flight.She feels that she owes an apology to passengers who videotaped the flight.Tammiruus Travel's owner faces a maximum three-month salary, 360 hours of labor or one year imprisonment for insulting officials. There is also a possibility of a nearly US$7000 fine and blacklist from the airline for her alleged smoking aboard her flight, reportedly operated by Pobeda (Aeroflots low-cost carrier). Pobeda, however, flies to Milas-Bodrum Moscow Vnukovo but not to Moscow Sheremetyevo. I believe that she was aboard Aeroflot. It seems odd to me that this woman appears to be a friend of mine on Facebook.A passenger on an airline refused to wear a mask last summer and then lit up a cigarette. This was not the first time it had happened.Before the pandemic, a man drank 4 bottles of beer, smoked an e-cigarette and punched a flight attendant. E-cigarettes are banned on planes, just like regular cigarettes. This is because some passengers may be scared and mistakenly believe they are the real deal. However, a man who had a terrible experience with an e-cigarette he used on his own sued the airline.(HT: K.P.