Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts gets injection for bone spur in hip

Mookie Betts leaps for an amazing diving catch in the right field to steal Michael Brantley. (0:36). Mookie Betts is the Los Angeles Dodgers' star outfielder. He received an injection to relieve the pain in his right hip but isn't currently participating in any physical activity. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts announced Friday that Betts has a bone spur at his hip. The Dodgers plan to postpone any surgery -- if necessary -- until after the offseason. Roberts stated that they are trying to find the best way to get him home and through the season before the weekend series against the New York Mets. "Once the offseason is over, we'll sort of address that." Betts is building another great offensive season with a.277/.378/.521 line. A 144 adjusted OPS is 9 points more than his career average going into 2021. However, his hip injury has kept him from performing at an elite level over long periods of time and is now threatening his immediate future. Betts missed 11 games in July due to the hip injury. He returned to play on Aug. 1 and played in five games. The first three were at second base to reduce the distance that he would need to run full sprints. After waiting four days, the Dodgers placed him again on Wednesday's injured list. Betts then flew to Los Angeles for a second evaluation of his hip. These tests showed the bone spur. Roberts stated that he didn't know where exactly it was. "I know it causes enough discomfort for him not to be out there and to go on the IL to get an injection to help the pain dissipate." Clayton Kershaw, long-time Dodgers ace, joins Betts as a pair of superstars. They have shaky timetables going into the final stretch. Kershaw has not pitched since July 3, due to inflammation of his left elbow. He won't be back until September at the earliest. Betts' future seems less certain right now. In Betts' absence, Matt Beaty and Billy McKinney have been taking the right field spot. Trea Turner is now at second base so the Dodgers have the option to move Cody Bellinger into right field and place Chris Taylor in the center. Roberts, whose team is five behind the San Francisco Giants in the National League West for first place, admitted that Betts' hip injection is only a temporary solution. Roberts stated that while we assume that it will continue to be managed day by day, Roberts believes the shot may have a more lasting effect. We won't be able to tell until we see him in seven, ten, or a month, or when he begins increasing his physical activity.


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