Reddit launches a TikTok-like video feed on iOS

You could just be one tap away from the TikTok-inspired forum platform if you opened Reddit today and saw a video button near the search bar. TechCrunch reports that the video feed, which pulls in content from subreddits you are following along with others you don't, began rolling out to iOS users Friday. The experience of loading up my Reddit iOS feed is almost TikTok-like. Scroll through a list of videos that feature content from Reddit. You can interact with Reddit users by upvoting or downvoting as well as commenting, awarding (using Reddits app currency to buy medals and reactions) and sharing. It is not clear how Reddit pulls in video content from subreddits that you don't follow. TechCrunch inquired if Reddit uses a similar algorithm to TikTok, who declined to answer. Reddit declined to answer questions from The Verge about how it recommends content and whether the video feature was given an official title. Reddit's push into video shouldn't surprise anyone. Reddit made this clear when it purchased Dubsmash. Reddit isn't involved in this feature but Reddit intends to continue to integrate its video tools as well as entirely new ones into its platform. Reddit doesn't have any details about when the feature will be available on your device or if Android will get it, but it is being released now.


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