New York Assembly will suspend Andrew Cuomo impeachment investigation after governor resigns

Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, listens to his announcement at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A, May 11, 2021The impeachment probe into Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be suspended by the New York state Assembly. Andrew Cuomo will resign on August 25, Speaker Carl Heastie announced on Friday.Cuomo resigned earlier this week after a damning report from the New York State Attorney General's Office revealed that he had sexually harassed at most 11 women and created hostile work environments in his office.After multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo surfaced, the Assembly Judiciary Committee authorized an impeachment investigation. However, Heastie stated that there is no longer a need to do so because the governor has resigned.Charles Lavine, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, advised the Assembly that it is not permissible to impeach or remove an elected official who has resigned. Heastie also added.Heastie stated that the evidence uncovered by the committee over the past several months related to allegations against Governor Scott "could have led to articles of impeachment if he had not resigned."This includes evidence relating to sexual harassment, misconduct, and the misuse of state funds in relation to Governor's Memoir and misleading disclosures of data from nursing homes during the pandemic.Heastie stated that he had asked Charles Lavine, Chairman of the Assembly's Judiciary Committee, to hand over all evidence the committee has collected to "relevant investigative authorities".Cuomo's memoir is being investigated by the Attorney General's Office, while Heastie stated that the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York is looking into his administration's actions regarding nursing home data.Local law enforcement officers in five jurisdictions, including Manhattan, Albany Westchester, Nassau, Oswego and Nassau, are also investigating the governor's sexual misconduct."The people of this great country expect and deserve a government that will always be in their best interest. Heastie stated in a Friday statement that the government must always be transparent, safe, and honest.Cuomo's decision to avoid impeachment means that he has the option to run for office again, and even jump into a future governorship election.Cuomo's campaign account for reelection had just $18 million in cash after the first half, which was a staggering increase on the New York Lt. Governor. Kathy Hochul will complete the remaining term of the governor's terms when he retires.Records show that Cuomo paid more than $280,000 to Glavin PLLC while he was being investigated by the New York state Attorney General.This report was contributed by Brian Schwartz, CNBC.