San Francisco is the latest US city to require proof of vaccination for indoor venues

To enjoy San Francisco's many attractions and activities, proof of vaccination is required. The rules, which came into effect in August 20, will now require proof of vaccination to gain entry to indoor venues like bars, restaurants, and gyms.London Breed, San Francisco's mayor, presented the plan Thursday. San Francisco will require all people to be fully vaccinated, unlike New York City which requires that patrons present proof of only one vaccine jab. This mandate will be applicable to all who attend concerts, sporting games, and events that have more than 1000 people; and those who visit cafes, bars and gyms. These rules are not applicable to children under 12 years of age or people who aren't eligible for vaccinations.People can present their 'white logo' CDC card to enter indoor venues Lucky-photographer/Shutterstock"Vaccines are the only way to get out of this pandemic. They are how we can live together, safely," Ms Breed stated on Twitter. Many businesses, small and large, have taken the initiative to require proof of vaccination. This new health order is designed to protect the health of residents and visitors as well as keep our businesses open.These rules will take effect on August 20th, but businesses have until October to ensure that their employees are up-to-date. Tourists and locals can show their Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paper vaccine cards to gain entry to the city. California also offers residents an alternative option. Residents can upload their vaccination status online with a barcode that is scanable at entry points. San Francisco can accept international visitors who have been vaccinated in the USA. They will need to bring a digital or paper copy of their official vaccination record.Continue reading: When is the best time to visit San FranciscoIntroducing San FranciscoMs Breed stated that 78% of eligible people are fully vaccinated. The goal is to get everyone vaccinated and prevent the virus from spreading."We are issuing these health requirements because indoor, communal settings where people congregate in close proximity, often with their masks on, are a major way that the virus spreads," Dr. Naveena Buba, Acting Health Officer stated in a statement. We need everyone who is eligible to receive a vaccine now, due to the higher COVID-19 cases.You might also enjoy: