Google's Nest Hub will display air quality levels as wildfire season continues

Android Central reported that Google is updating the Nest Hub displays with a new feature that displays AQI (air quality index) information. It will be displayed on the weather widget. The feature will display a numeric ranking between 0 and 500, as well as color code from green (good), to maroon ("hazardous") in the widget. Google will use data from the AQI website of the US government to monitor air quality in the US.Nest display owners can ask Google Assistant about air quality information. A feature that may be useful for people with respiratory issues is the ability to ask Assistant to send you alerts when the air quality near your location drops below unsafe levels.This feature is being developed as wildfires continue to rage in the west, especially in California and Oregon. Google stated in a Nest community update that "between wildfire season, recent increased efforts to decrease air pollution, it is more important than ever for you to know about the air quality within your area,"Updates will begin rolling out in selected markets in the "coming weeks", hopefully in areas affected by wildfires or smoke. We called the $100 Nest Hub (2nd Generation) "a smart display but a poor sleep tracker" in our review.