Jake Paul will not face federal charges after FBI raid

According to TMZ, and a statement that Paul's lawyers sent to The Verge, the US Attorney will not be filing charges against Jake Paul. Paul was under FBI investigation for involvement in an Arizona mall incident in May 2020.Paul was filmed around a Scottsdale mall, AZ in which he was looting in protest of George Floyd's murder. Paul denied taking part in looting, and was not seen in the videos that were shared on social media. However, he was still charged by the Scottsdale Police Department with criminal trespassing as well as unlawful assembly.Police claim that Paul was then released from the criminal charges and the FBI was able to conduct a federal investigation. Paul stated in a deleted video that the FBI raided Paul's California home in August 2020 as a result of an investigation. The FBI confirmed at the time that it had executed federal search warrants in California for the investigation. However, they refused to comment on the specifics of the search or the results. It seems that the investigation has ended.Jake Paul has not commented on the US Attorneys decision so far. He did make a reference to the FBI on Twitter last week.The Verge was informed by Paul's counsel that they were pleased with the decision of the United States Attorney to not file criminal charges.