Marvel Won't Move Shang Chi to Disney+ Due to Covid-19 Concerns

Many fans have been wondering if Disney or Marvel would change their release strategy regarding Shang-Chi, the Legend of the Ten Rings, and other topics. While the new Marvel film was originally planned to be the studio's first theatrical-only release in 2020, there were growing concerns about covid-19's delta variant. Many assumed that this would change. Shang-Chi won't be streamable on Disney+ with Premier Access. You will need to see it in the theater, at least for a few more weeks. Advertisement The announcement was made during the most recent Disney earnings call. The Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated that Premier Access was not possible due to the distribution agreements and practicality. The release was also described as an interesting experiment due to its 45-day window. This means that the film will be in theaters only for 45 days before being available for purchase in the home. (Whether that's Disney+, VOD or both is unknown). According to Chapeks, Shang-Chi is being treated as both an experiment and a make-good theater. It doesn't want theater owners to be upset like it did with Black Widow and Jungle Cruise streaming. It would be a mistake to move a major Marvel movie out of theaters just a few weeks prior to its release. A new release strategy will allow the company to make better decisions about future titles. This may seem like a good business decision, but it is disappointing when you see how important these movies are for studios. Not big art projects. Products that make money. There is nothing more. All safety and health concerns are ignored. Shang-Chi is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton and stars Simu Liu, the latest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a man who was raised to be a soldier, but decided to live his life on his own. He is now reconnected to the Ten Rings organization, his family legacy. Tony Leung is Shang-Chis father Wenwu. Awkwafina plays Katy. Michelle Yeoh portrays Jiang Na, who was one of his teachers growing up. Do you feel upset that Shang-Chi will be shown in theaters? Are you okay with waiting 45 days? Will you be able to see Marvels Eternals in November? Please let us know your thoughts below. Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.


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