Best microSD cards for Moto G7 in 2021

Best microSD cards to use with Moto G7 Android Central 2021 The 2019 Motorola flagship was the G7. It comes with 64GB internal storage, unless you choose the G7 Power or G7 Play, which each come with 32GB. You can use the extra money that you have saved to buy the phone to upgrade the storage by purchasing the top Moto G7 microSD card cards. Motorola phones can accept microSD cards up to 512GB. You have the option to go crazy if you wish. A microSD is at its best right now MicroSD prices are dropping, which is good news for all Moto G7 owners. Many brands sell microSD cards with 512GB storage at prices that seem to be falling every time we check. You don't really need that much storage. Even smaller cards can get better deals. You love a brand, but need a card in a different format? The brand you most trust will likely have the perfect size. Our top recommendation is the best budget choice. The SanDisk Extreme 64GB is the most affordable and offers plenty of storage. This card can record 4K UHD video and is shockproof, waterproof and x-rayproof. The 128GB Samsung EVO Select is a great option for budget phones. It offers a significant upgrade to your G7 for a very affordable price. Samsung offers a 10-year limited warranty that will protect your card even after you get rid of the Moto G7.