Vax Up Or Stay Home: These Cities Are Mandating Covid Vaccination To Dine In At Restaurants And Other Indoor Fun

ToplineSome mayors want to make it mandatory to get vaccinated when eating in restaurants or participating in indoor activities, as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.San Francisco will soon be the first U.S. municipality to require proof of full Covid vaccine status in order to dine in restaurants. gettyThe Key FactsSan Francisco will require proof that they have received full vaccination before it can be used indoors, such as dining out, drinking in bars, and exercising at the gyms. This mandate is unique because it was the first to require full vaccination. New York City will have a similar mandate, but it only requires proof of full vaccination. The rules won't be implemented by the city until September 13. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, (D), is expected to announce a vaccine requirement that will be applied to bars and restaurants, as well as the Caesars Superdome which is scheduled to host over 70,000 Saints fans indoors during the NFL season. Wednesday's Los Angeles City Council motion called for the creation of a vaccine mandate ordinance. This will require proof that you have been vaccinated before you can enter bars, restaurants, and indoor spaces such as entertainment venues.Important BackgroundCovid-19 has seen a huge resurgence in the U.S. due to the delta coronavirus. This has resulted in renewed health restrictions in certain areas of the country, such as mask mandates. The strain's impact on children and the unvaccinated is a concern for health officials. Unvaccinated people make up the majority of Covid-infected patients. Children are being hospitalized in more than a dozen US states. Over the past few weeks, the rate of Covid vaccinations has been modestly increasing. It has also accelerated in Mississippi and Louisiana which are hard-hit. Many people call for mandatory vaccines to stop the spread of Covid. This has led to several private companies, including Facebook and Google, to require that workers prove they have been vaccinated.Big Number50.3% According to the CDC, this is the proportion of the U.S. populace that has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. For those aged 18 or older, 61.3% were fully vaccinated while 71.3% received at least one shot.ContraAccording to Ballotpedia, at least 20 states with Republican governors have enacted vaccine bans.Continue readingFacebook is the latest company to require workers to get vaccinated in the midst of Covid Surge. (Forbes)These are the 13 states (mostly southern) where child hospitalizations are on the rise amid the Delta Surge (Forbes).New York City will require Vaccines for Restaurants, Gyms and Concerts (Forbes).Los Angeles May Require Vaccines To Enter Businesses Soon (Forbes)Return Of Mask Mandates: Oregon Becomes Latest State To Reimpose Rules (Forbes)Live updates and coverage of the Coronavirus