Kelly Clarkson Celebrated on 'Voice' Set After Prenup in Divorce is Upheld

Kelly Clarkson's prenup was confirmed by the judge in her divorce proceedings. She found out the good news while on "The Voice" and began to scream. This then led to a celebration... TMZ learned.According to sources with direct knowledge, Kelly was filming Wednesday's singing competition when she received an email confirming that the hotly-contested prenup had been upheld by the judge. According to our sources, the prenup separates all income and assets she derived from her marriage with Brandon Blackstock.Kelly has accumulated the largest share of the assets, including the Montana ranch that Brandon lives in. He wanted to contest the prenup, and he also wanted the income he earned during their marriage split. But the judge refused to allow him.According to our sources, the celebrations on "The Voice" were personal. According to our sources, Blake Shelton has recently ended his relationship with Blackstock who had managed him for many years.Ariana Grande was one of the other judges present at the celebration.Laura Wasser, Clarkson's lawyer, had claimed during the trial regarding the prenup that there must be accountability when someone signs any contract. In this case, it was a prenup. The judge was clear to agree.The "bifurcated" divorce means that the legal declaration that the marriage has ended has been removed from the property settlement or custody issues. Within days, the actual dissolution should be completed. Because Brandon moved to Montana, Kelly was granted temporary primary custody. Most issues seem to have been resolved by validating the prenup.Kelly, who bought the ranch, has the right now to sell it because the prenup was valid.