The Spanish LaLiga season begins Aug. 13. (Stream live on ESPN+ in America). LaLiga is one the most important club leagues in soccer. ESPN offers information on all 20 teams, some directly soccer-related, and some less scientific to help you choose. This season, which team should you support? Watch LaLiga's most memorable moments, top players, and top managers live on ESPN+What would you like to see your team play?What do you think of soccer? Are you happy to see players pass the ball back-and-forth to tire out their opponent, before exploiting the gaps (like Real Madrid's Luka Modric). Should they just sit down and counterattack when given the opportunity (for players like Sergio Aguero of Barcelona)? If it works, maybe you should park a bus in front your goal (such as Atletico Madrid) and hope for a 1-0 win.POSSESSION and CONTROL: If your opponent doesn't have the ball, they won't be able to hurt you. These teams will exploit the gaps and keep possession for as long as possible. Barcelona invented the tikitaka short-passing technique. Last season, Real Betis (59.4%), had more possession than Real Madrid (55.7%). COUNTER-ATTACK Your team should absorb opposition attacks and catch them with speed and precise passing. Bilbaos Williams, a player from Europe who has a top speed of 35.7km/h in 2020, is one of Europe's fastest. DEFENSIVE Do not let your opponent score, and think about attacking later. However, you must avoid defeat. Valladolid managed 16 draws last season and was relegated after only winning five games.Atletico Madrid won the title for being tough, gritty and not afraid of taking a foul. They conceded only 25 goals and received 100 yellow cards last season, which was third behind Celtas104 and Getafes114. In addition to having the highest number of goals (67), and shots on target (186) than Barcelona, Atletico Madrid won the title. Although Barcelona's possession-based approach is more appealing, if you concede more goals to Sevilla (Sevilla), it is a sign that something is not right. 51.8% of possession was achieved by LaLiga 2020-21 champions Atletico Madrid, ranking eighth in the league. Barcelona were the best with 62.4%. Subscribe to receive the most recent LaLiga information from Sid Lowe and Graham Hunter on ESPNFC TV. You can also watch live matches and replays in LaLiga's U.S. schedule for the 2021-22 seasons.LaLiga, the United StatesGalacticos, the story of Real MadridAre you looking for a local rival?Many soccer fans need to be able to root for their local rivals, such as Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Think Red Sox and Yankees but with more venom. The COVID-19 pandemic took away the excitement from the stadiums over the past year. However, there is hope that this season will bring some back the passion. The Spanish teams are strong, whether it's due to geography or a rivalry for titles.YES, I LOVE A RIVALE Spain's fiercest city rivalry is between Real Betis on the south coast and Sevilla. It is well-known for its passion and ability to separate families into two. Sometimes it can get too extreme, as was the case when Juande Ramos, Sevilla manager, was knocked unconscious by a bottle from the stands in 2007. Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia city derbies are nothing to compare. These teams lead a quiet existence. They are either not as successful as other LaLiga teams or they are geographically far from other LaLiga clubs. Although they are geographically far apart, the El Clasico between Barcelona & Real Madrid is a friendly match. LaLiga's title has been decided many times by this rivalry. In 2002, a pigs head was thrown on the pitch. However, it may have had to do with the controversial transfer of Figo to Madrid from Barca.A Spanish derby is a great way to get your blood pumping. LaLiga is the most popular, but there are also some regional derbies. The Asturian Derby, Real Oviedo, vs. Sporting Gijon, and the Galician Derby, Celta Vigo, vs. Deportivo La Coruna were once very important before Deportivo (LaLigas 2000 champs) began their decline into the third level. 90 This is the number of titles won by LaLiga since its inception in 1929. Real Madrid has 34, Barcelona 26, and Atletico Madrid are the last season's champions. Only three clubs have participated in LaLiga over the 90-seasons: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Athletic Bilbao.What do you expect your team to do when it comes to transfers? Atletico, Real Madrid, and Barcelona operate on a completely different planet than the rest of LaLiga. Transfermarkt reports that Barca paid around 1.05 billion for transfer fees to new players in the last five years. Real Madrid spent 672 million and Atletico Madrid 674 million. According to October 2020 financial reports, Barca now owes 1.2 billion, Real Madrid 951m and Atletico 870m. WALL TOWALL SUPERSTARS Barca is in serious financial trouble after years of huge spending. However, they were able to land Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia, and still managed to land Memphis Depay. Real Madrid's Galacticos policy in the early 2000s, which saw them sign Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane as well as Ronaldo (the Brazilian star), and David Beckhamis the perfect example of a club that is big enough to win. SAVVY SPENDING Sometimes, it is possible to spend big on a star. Real Betis broke the world record transfer fee to sign Denilson (from Sao Paulo) for 31.5m in 1998. However, clubs often have to move players first to raise funds. There are some affordable options if you look. Although money is scarce at the bottom, there are still many cheap options. Levante, for approximately 500,000, bought Roberto Soldado, a former striker from Tottenham, Real Madrid and Valencia. Athletic Bilbao has allowed only Basque Country, Navarre, and Northern Basque Country players to play for them since 1912. They may sign you if you have been through the youth academy at clubs like Real Sociedad or Osasuna, Eibar, Osasuna, Osasuna, Eibar, or Alaves. They won't sign you if they don't. They are one of the most successful Spanish teams. LaLiga clubs were involved in nine out of the top eleven most expensive transfer deals ever. This could happen again if Kylian Mbappe (22), who is one of the most exciting young footballers in the world, leaves PSG this summer. 222M This was the world-record release clause PSG paid Barcelona in 2017 to sign Neymar, a Brazilian forward. The 160m Barcelona spent on Philippe Coutinho in 2018 to sign for Liverpool was the most a Spanish club has ever paid to sign a player.Are you looking for an American to join your team?We understand that you may want to support one of the U.S. players in LaLiga if youre American. There haven't been many. ESPN's Kasey Keller, a goalkeeper was the first to have a spell at Rayo Vallecano for two years in 1999. Then forward Jozy Altidore went to Villarreal in 2008-11. Oguchi Onyewu spent time at Malaga in 2012-13 on loan, while Shaquell Moore was with Levante in 2017-18 (he's currently at second-tier Tenerife). Yunus Musah, Valencia, and Sergino Det (Barcelona), are the representatives for this season.Yes, U.S. players are key. While your options are limited, the players are very good. Sergino Dest, Barcelona's right-back, moved to the club in 2020 from Ajax. Yunus Musah, Valencia's midfielder, went to Spain in 2019, after a career as a youth at Arsenal. I'M NOT BOTHERED Those clubs have not looked to American players to help them with their transfers. I WANT TO SEE A TOP BASKETBALL TEAM. If Spanish football is not your thing, maybe basketball is. Real Madrid is the top EuroLeague team with 10 titles. Barca? They have bagged two. Real Betis is another option.LaLiga's history with American players is not stellar. While there are 50 Americans currently playing in clubs throughout Europe, Spain is not represented. Dest and Musah lead LaLiga. If you need to play a little bit of basketball to keep your U.S. interests up, Liga ACB teams (not affiliated to soccer clubs) are available in Betis and San Sebastian. 51 This is the number of games that Kasey Keller, U.S. goalkeeper, played at Rayo Vallecano. Keller stated that he is the most well-known American living in Spain to Soccer America in 2001. I'm probably not actually living in Spain ]....What level of drama would you like in your club?Some people love living on the edge, not knowing what's next. Some prefer a more predictable life. Real Madrids Florentino Peruez and Barcas Joan Laporta are club presidents in LaLiga. They have a flair for making their clubs political dramas with leaks, infighting and public spats. For an example, just look at the European Super League collapse.PLOT TWISTS and POWER STRUGGLES This can feel like the TV show Succession, as superclubs fight for dominance on the pitch. You won't want to miss anything. A MODERATE AMOUNT Occasionally, there will be an X-Files-type situation that you need to deal with. But you can be sure the main characters will be fine. Please, NO DRAMA. You know what you can expect each week.Drama is always a possibility when dealing with some of the most powerful players in the world. LaLiga's big clubs are prone to drama, whether it be a headline about a contract negotiations, transfer or reaction to being replaced. The real drama is in the boardroom. Real Madrid and Barcelona have had a difficult time keeping their dirty laundry out the public eye. There are court cases, tax issues, conspiracy theories, and other legal matters. Valencia is owned by a businessman, which soccer fans don't like. According to Forbes' April 2021 study, Barcelona is the most expensive club in the world at $4.76 billion. Real Madrid came in second place at $4.75 Billion, which is significantly more than Atletico Madrid (13th at $1bn).