A drug trafficker in prison tried to hire an undercover FBI officer as a hitman to kill an assistant US attorney. It was 2nd time he fell for a sting operation.

The F.B.I. seal The F.B.I. seal is displayed in the Flag Room of the bureau's headquarters, March 9, 2007, in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesA drug trafficker plotted to kill an assistant US Attorney by a cover officer.Richard Gilbert was sentenced to an additional 11 years by a judge for the hit that failed.Gilbert was slapped by law enforcement for the second time in just two years.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.A methamphetamine trafficker was imprisoned and tried to retaliate against the US attorney who assisted him.What is the mistake?He tried to hire a hitman, but he was actually an undercover officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. This wasn't the first time that a drug dealer had fallen prey to a police sting.Richard Gilbert was sentenced to almost 11 years imprisonment in 2019 for selling five ounces of methamphetamines to an officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives of Kentucky. The Department of Justice stated Tuesday that Gilbert plotted his revenge while in prison.Federal court filings show that Gilbert talked to an informant at the prison for several months about his desire kill the informant who had helped him imprison Gilbert. Gilbert informed the informant that he did not have enough money yet to kill the assistant US Attorney on his case and that he would need to sell some property once he was released from prison.Gilbert was connected to a new informant who posed as a hitman and offered his help. Gilbert used a contraband cellphone to set the "speakerphone mode" and coordinated the plan to kill the original informant as well as the assistant US attorney in his case via the "hitman."Investigators found Gilbert telling the fake hitman that he was a dirty, filthy son and a b ----, person. He's f---ing everyone he comes into contact with. He's f ----ing everyone up.Gilbert eventually agreed to pay $4,000 to the hitman officer for the homicide in two installments. According to court documents, Gilbert sent $2,000 to the PO Box of the officer with the memo that the payment was made to "investment company". To avoid detection, he also provided a map of the location where the target lived to inform the officer.Continue the storyOn Tuesday, a US District Judge added 21 years to Gilbert's sentence. Then, he added 5 years of supervised freedom.Insider has the original article.