Google Meet users have more options to add co-hosts, limit screen sharing, and mute others

Google Meet is getting a lot of new features that make it easier to manage and direct meetings. The exact controls you will have to use depend on whether you're using Meet as a regular user, or as part of a Google Workspace group.Users will be able now to assign up 25 co-hosts to meetings. They will also have access to host control. They can limit who can view their screen, send chat messages, and mute all participants in a single click. This feature is only available for certain Google Workspace versions. Prior to this, only Google Workspace for Education customers could assign co-hosts.Google Meet will also get new Quick Access settings for customers of Google Workspace. This feature will automatically be turned on by default. However, if it is disabled, meetings won't start until the host has joined. You can also block anonymous users from joining, or allow only invited participants to join without asking. This ensures that only those who are allowed to attend a meeting are there.These changes will be available on web, Android and iOS starting August 16th. iOS will follow on August 30th. Google has published a blog post that explains the changes and the availability for different Workplace versions.