Criterion is releasing 'Citizen Kane' and five other classics on 4K Blu-ray

Criterion's first 4K Ultra HD Bluray releases have been revealed. The six films include Citizen Kane and Menace II Society. Mulholland Dr., Mulholland Shoes and A Hard Days Night are all included. These new Blu-ray releases will allow film enthusiasts to view some of these films in the best detail possible, even during theatrical runs.Criterion points out that Orson Wels's masterpiece Citizen Kane, a 1941 masterpiece by Orson Welles, was the first laserdisc it released 37 years ago. Criterion posted on its blog that the "it now rejoins our library after a lengthy absence, making its debut in 4K Ultra HD." The other releases cover a wide range of periods, including the 1940s with The Red Shoes and 1960s (Hard Day's Night), the '90s and the aughts with Menace II Society and Mulholland Drive, and The Piano.The combo pack will include both 1080p Bluray and 4K UHD versions of each title, as well as Criterion's most popular special features. Criterion has not yet revealed which films will be available in Dolby Vision HDR or Dolby Atmos.Criterion's 4K UHD films will be the best way to enjoy classic films at home. Criterion's streaming service Criterion is available for those who don't want the high-definition quality. It launched its streaming service in 2019, and boasts over "1,000 classic and contemporary films," the site claims.