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Twitter locked the account Indian National Congress, South Asia's largest opposition party, because it was violating its rules.The Indian National Congress posted a comment on Thursday's Twitter episode.We were not afraid when our leaders were sent to jail. Why would we now be afraid to close our Twitter accounts? This is Congress. We are Congress. This is the message of people. We will repeat the crime 100 times if it is a crime for us to speak out to help the victim of rape. Jai Hind Satyamev Jayate was the answer.Rohan Gupta was the head of Social Media for Congress. He claimed that Twitter took the step in the direction of Bharatiya Janata Party. The firm also had suspended the profiles of senior members of the party.A Twitter spokesperson stated that the rules of Twitter are applied impartially and judiciously for all users.We have taken action on hundreds of Tweets that included images that were in violation of our Rules and we may continue to do this with our full range enforcement options. Some types of private information are more dangerous than others. Our goal is to ensure privacy and safety for all individuals. The spokesperson said that everyone should familiarize themselves with Twitter Rules and report any violation.Some new criticisms have been levelled at the American firm after the account was locked by the Indian National Congress. We strongly condemn the blocking accounts of Indian National Congress and senior Congress leaders, tweeted Derek O Brien from the All India Trinamool Congress party.Twitter suspended Rahul Gandhi's account (pictured above), former president of Indian National Congress. He had tweeted photos with the family members of a nine year-old girl who was allegedly raped, and then murdered. The Indian statutory body the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights reached out to the company and stated that the Congress leaders had violated the privacy of minor victims.This episode is Twitter's latest problem in India, an important overseas market for American companies.Twitter has finally agreed to the South Asian nations' new IT law after months of tension with the Indian government. A lawyer for New Delhi stated in court Tuesday that the agreement was made in the wake of public outcry.Twitter was under fire from the Indian government after it did not block some tweets earlier this year. Twitter had requested an extension of time to comply with new rules. The Indian government required all social media companies with over 5 million users to adhere to the new rules. They also mandated that any company with more than five million users must follow the Indian government's instructions.This is expected to reduce tensions between them. Twitter called a tweet by Sambit Patra (the spokesperson for India's ruling party BJP), manipulated media in May. A surprise visit by a special squad from Delhi police to investigate terrorism and other crimes was made to two Twitter offices to find out more about Twitters reasoning behind labeling Patras tweets as manipulated. Twitter stated at the time that it was concerned about recent events in India regarding our employees and the possible threat to freedoms of expression for those we serve.This is an ongoing story. There will be more to come.