WBA suspending judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo after controversial scorecard, discovery of racist tweets

ESPN's Gilberto Mendoza, president of WBA, announced Wednesday that he will suspend Gloria Martinez Rizzo as judge for six months due to the highly controversial scorecard in her fight for the Mykal Fox-Gabriel Maestre interim Welterweight title. Also, following the discovery of racist tweets by her account.Mendoza stated that he would meet Rizzo in Miami on Thursday to discuss discipline. He will also consider permanent expulsion from the WBA's judging panel for fights.In Minnesota, Rizzo scored a shocking 117-110 scorecard that sparked outrage. Many observers believed Fox won the 147-pound fight by a knockdown in the second round. However, Maestre was declared the winner in the PBC Fox co-feature.Following the fight, racist tweets about 2020 were found on a Twitter account of @GloriaRizz. These tweets had been tagged by WBA Boxing in a December 2019 post that honored Rizzo as female judge. Since then, the @GloriaRizz Twitter account has been deleted. There were also racist comments made against Michelle Obama and LeBron Jam.Mendoza, who was born and raised in Venezuela where the WBA is located, stated that "we saw her score was incorrect despite the unanimous determination." The WBA might expel her for comments she made in the past."I do not support racism. I believe in equality. "Sports are sometimes the only thing that brings about equality in the world."Rizzo's scorecard was most problematic. However, the scores of the other judges had Maestre winning. John Mariano scored the fight at 115-112 while David Singh was credited with a score of 114-113.Maestre (4-0-3 KOs), a Venezuelan native, has a close friendship with Mendoza. Maestre, 34 years old, is a two-time Olympian and was competing for his U.S. debut.Fox, a Maryland southpaw, was just coming off a loss to Lucas Santamaria. Black 25-year old Rizzo tweeted that he was "a little surprised" at the tweets.Fox, 22-3, 5KOs: "This sport has allowed me to meet people from all walks of life." "But, I have to wonder if her outside boxing life affects the way she judges boxing."If it wasn't for it being shown on TV, I would say that this [decision] could have really bad consequences for me. People around the globe witnessed the robbery that night.When asked if the result could be reversed, the Minnesota Office of Combative Sports did not respond. Only the commission has that power. When asked if the commission would review the score of the fight, it didn't respond. It sent ESPN instead a statement stating that the Minnesota Office of Combative Sports has established a grievance process. It is up to the World Boxing Association, however, to decide if there will be a rematch.Mendoza requested an immediate rematch between Maestre & Fox, but added some stipulations. ESPN reported that Mendoza stated there would be no champion's edge and that if there is a draw the title will be vacated. There will not be any special permits for an interim fight. Sources said that PBC wanted to match Eimantas Stanionis, a fast-rising prospect, against Maestre next. The title will remain in place if the rematch is not possible.Mendoza stated, "We need new judges." "I've got an idea of creating an academy that brings people who enjoy boxing online and tests them in different parts. "I want to get out of the boxing arena and find boxing fans [to become judges].